Império da Tijuca Samba School

Flag of Império da Tijuca Samba School



The Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Samba Educational Empire Tijuca samba school is a city of Rio de Janeiro that brings, plus the name, the term "educational" because the main concern at the moment of its foundation, was with education.

Colors: Green and White
Drummers’ Queen: Laynara Teles
President: Antônio Marcos Teles (Tê)
Carnavalesco:  Junior Pernambucano

Império da Tijuca Synopsis – Carnival 2015

The school, from the beginning, effected community experiences in Morro da Formiga Tijuca neighborhood, which was founded in 1940. Union of old schools of Youth and Recreation Star Tijuca, among its founders are Joaquim Augusto de Oliveira (Quincas) Agripino de Souza Rodolfo Augusto de Oliveira, Celestina Rabaça Pinto, Fernando Matos, Jorge Domingos da Silva, John Clerk, Mario Pereira, Manuel Queiroz, Aylton dos Santos, Emilio Marcatte, Manuel Pinto, among others.

Carnival 2015 Information

Group:  Access Group - Day 2, 14 FEB
Theme – Enredo: O Império nas águas doces de Oxum
Parading Date and Time: 0:00

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Among the most famous names in school, are Sinval Silva (one of the favorite composers of Carmen Miranda) and Mario Pereira (Marine Muda), who died in 1989.

There was a literacy school for children, "Troop Jose do Patrocinio" (group of Boy Scouts of the hill), who served years in the community. The Empire was the first da Tijuca samba school to use the term Empire, why has a crown, a symbol of nobility, in their flag, as well as coffee and tobacco branches that translated the riches of Brazil at the time.

Samba Enredo 2015 (Lyrics)