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Sao Clemente

The Sao Clemente Samba school is the only one located in the South Zone of Rio de Janiero.  Their colors are black, yellow and gold.  Sao Clemente is best characterized by its irreverence of the Brazilian culture and society. Sao Clemente just made its way back to the Special Group in 2010 winning the A Group with a theme about Rio de Janeiro.

Colors: Yellow and Black
Drummers’ Queen: Raphaela Gomes
President: Renato Almeida Gomes
Carnavalesco:  Comissão de Carnaval

São Clemente Synopsis – Carnival 2015

“A musical adventure in the Sapucai” is the theme of Sao Clemente, the school that represents Rio’s South Zone in the special group. In 2012 Sao Clemente will be celebrating 50 years and the school decided to celebrate it broaching the history of great Brazilian musicals like the Chico de Buarque “ Opera do Malandro” and “Sassaricando” from the historian Rosa Maria Araujo and the journalist, Sergio Cabral.

Carnival 2015 Information

Group:  Special Group - Day 2, 16 FEB
Theme – Enredo: ‘‘ A Incrível história do homem que só tinha medo da Matinta Perera, da Tocandira e da Onça pé de boi’’
Parading Date and Time: 21:30

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The History of Sao Clemente

This Samba school was formed in 1961 and was fairly uncontroversial until 1984 when the anthology of “Don’t run, don’t kill, don’t die; the devi1is free in the street” told the story of the horrendous and sometimes violent traffic conditions in Rio de Janeiro.  In 1985 Sao Clemente spoofed the lack of adequate housing in Brazil.  In 1987 Sao Clemente told the sad story of street children who lived homeless in Rio.  While the plots are thought provoking and sometimes shocking they do lend themselves to spectacular displays of song, costumes and dance.

Sao Clemente at Carnival

This Samba school begins its preparation for Carnival by choosing a particular theme.  It is the purpose of the parade to tell a story that surrounds this theme.  Once Sao Clemente has decided on the theme, they next step is to write a song that tells the story of the theme.  The song must be written in a Samba beat, as it will be the song the dancers use to dance their way through the parade.  The next step is to design costumes that match the theme and then build floats that also tell the story of the plot or theme.  One all of the details are worked out and the dancers have rehearsed in their quadra or school dance hall, a technical rehearsal is completed usually out on the streets so the public can watch.

The Sao Clemente Samba school is quite colorful with its black yellow and gold costumes.  This Samba club uses its talent and creativity to focus on the political issues and problems in Brazil.  Often irreverent, sometimes humorous, these anthologies are always a favorite of the crowd.

Samba Enredo 2015 (Lyrics)