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Porto da Pedra

Porto da Pedra means “port of stone”.  This Samba school of hard knocks has had a tough go of it the past 10 years or so.  A relatively young school with a tiger as its symbol it shows its ferocity in competition and is currently working hard to regain its notoriety as a top Samba school

Colors: Red and White
Drummers’ Queen: Bianca Leão
President: Fábio Montibelo
Carnavalesco:  Jaime Cesário

Unidos do Porto da Pedra Synopsis – Carnival 2017

Porto da Pedra has partnered with Danone (Nestle) to present it in the avenue their theme that will be about good nutrition, which is essential for a healthy life, with focus on the milk and its derivative, the yogurt that was of great importance from very early on. Special attention will be given to breast milk and breast-feeding, that is vital for the first years of life. It will be a campaign of awareness and Porto da Pedra promises a grand and beautiful parade.

Carnival 2017 Information

Group:  Access Group - Day 2, 25 FEB
Theme – Enredo: “Ó Abre-alas que as Marchinhas vão passar! Porto da Pedra é quem vai ganhar… seu coração!”erto ou não Tá?”
Parading Date and Time: 02:30 AM

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The History of Porto da Pedra

This Samba school was formed March 8th, 1978.  It was part of the Porto de Pedra Soccer Club, which had its roots in street gangs.  The Samba school took part in its first parade in 1975 before it was officially incorporated in 1978.  A year later Porto da Pedra won a championship and was moved to compete in Group B of Rio de Janeiro Carnival.  Growing pains led to sporadic participation in Carnival until its revitalization in 1993.  By 1995 the Samba school had earned the honor of taking part in the Special Group.   However, to date it has not managed a good showing in the Special Group.  Many attribute the poor showings to controversial plots.

The Plots

In 1997 Porto da Pedra celebrated insanity with the plot “In the realm of revelry, each with its crazy mania”.  The parade opened with one of its revelers dressed as Napoleon and Mary I, considered a mad queen.  In 1998 Porto da Pedra submitted another controversial anthology names “Samba in the foot and hands up, this is a robbery”.  It paid tribute to prostitutes, thieves and freaks.  Porto da Pedra was up to its old tricks in 2005 with a plot called ‘Union Island Unholy Feast”.  The Samba school placed 7th and never improved its standing in the years to come. 

The Samba school, Porto da Pedra has a long road ahead to achieve the ultimate championship.   Their imaginative and over-the-top plots have been a drain on the school’s success.  They need to focus less on raising eyebrows and more on putting on a theatrical and show stopping parade.

Samba Enredo 2017 (Lyrics)