LAN South America Airpass Information : Arriving With LAN

Lan South America Airpass Information if you arriving with LAN. Talk to Our Brazil Experts Travel Agents before you book and save.

Applies for pax not residing in South America holding an International ticket showing arrivals to and departures From South America on any Aircraft operated by Lan Chile, Lan Peru, Lan Argentina, Lan Express and Lan Ecuador.

Miles Fare
From 0 to 560 US$ 91
From 561 to 750 US$ 109
From 751 to 1280 US$ 137
From 1281 to 1810 US$ 155
From 1811 to 2300 US$ 201
From 2301 to 3500 US$ 275


General Conditions

INF = 10% of the adult fare
CHD = 67% of the adult fare

Period of application:
- Travel: From April 1st 2008 though March 31st 2009

Minimum stay 1 day, counting from departure of the first sector
Maximum stay 12 months, counting from departure of the first sector

Stopovers are limited to the total amount of coupons purchased. Connections permitted, considered as one
Coupon, except for connections through Lima, Buenos Aires and Santiago.

Ticket must be issued 14 days before departure of first segment. If reservation is made within 14 days of Departure, the maximum time limit will be 72 hs after reservation.

Rebooking permitted at anytime: US$ 50 plus CAD70 if any international flight is included.
Rebooking permitted at anytime: US$ 20 plus CAD70 if the are only domestic flights included in the route.

Cancelation policy: no refundable