TAM Brazil Airpass Information

Air Pass Brazil will let you travel through Brazil for Less. Talk to Our Brazil Experts Travel Agents before you book and save.

1. When international travel is with TAM (JJ) operated flights through TAM Mercosur (PZ)

Number of coupons Fare - Class W Fare - Class L Fare - Class V Fare - Class Q
1 – 4 US$ 532,00 USD 639,00 USD 734,00 USD 845,00
5 US$ 672,00 USD 807,00 USD 928,00 USD 1.067,00
6 US$ 792,00 USD 951,00 USD 1.093,00 USD 1.257,00
7 US$ 912,00 USD 1.095,00 USD 1.259,00 USD 1.448,00
8 US$ 1.032,00 USD 1.239,00 USD 1.425,00 USD 1.638,00
9 US$ 1.152,00 USD 1.384,00 USD 1.590,00 USD 1.829,00

2. When international travel is with any other carrier for which TAM has a MITA agreement
(Multilateral Interline Traffic Agreement).

Number of coupons Fare - Class W Fare - Class L Fare - Class V Fare - Class Q
1 – 4 US$ 582,00 USD 689,00 USD 784,00 USD 895,00
5 US$ 772,00 USD 907,00 USD 1.028,00 USD 1.167,00
6 US$ 942,00 USD 1.101,00 USD 1.243,00 USD 1.407,00
7 US$ 1.112,00 USD 1.295,00 USD 1.459,00 USD 1.648,00
8 US$ 1.282,00 USD 1.489,00 USD 1.675,00 USD 1.888,00
9 US$ 1.452,00 USD 1.684,00 USD 1.890,00 USD 2.129,00

General Conditions

INF: 10% of adult fare.
CHD: not applicable, children pay adult fare.

The same sector and the same city may not be flown more than once in the same direction, except for in connection. When sold in South America the itinerary must begin in Rio, Sao Paulo, Manaus or Belem. Surface does not count as a coupon. Each flight is always a flight Coupon, even if it is a stopover or a connection. Surfaces are not considered as flight coupons.

Ciudad del Leste (Paraguai) can also be considered as part of the TAM Brazil Airpass usind TAM and TAM Mercosur flights since this city is considered to be part of the region incorporated in Foz do Iguazu.

A maximum of 4 stopovers in Brazil and 2 in other countries will be permitted in addition to the point of origin and the point of destination.
Minimum:  Not applicable.
Maximum: 30 days, from departure date of first leg.

The baggage allowance for the sectors covered by the Brazil Airpass will be the same as permitted on the international route.

Period of application:
Ticketing: on/after March 28th, 2010
Travel:     on/after March 28th, 2010

Note: Subject to changes without notice.

Changes made more than 24 hours before the original flight are not charged.
Changes made less than 24 hours or after the original flight. Penalty US$ 30.

Before departure: refundable. Penalty US$ 100
After departure or partially used: no refundable.