Angra dos Reis Beach

The City With More Than 2000 Beaches, Including Ilha Grande Island

Angra dos Reis is a delightful mirage of 365 islands and 2000 beaches filled with abundant natural beauty. From Rio’s downtown you can reach the beach in just three hours. Numerous private islands on this archipelago are owned by the rich and renowned people of Rio. Angra dos Reis is a protected area, as numerous endangered species inhabit these islands.

Ilha Grande

Angra dos Reis Of all the islands in Angra dos Reis, Ilha Grande is the biggest and known accurately as ‘Big Island’. This pristine island has gorgeous sandy beaches and the verdant Atlantic forests. From Angra dos Reis, you can get a dinghy ride or ferry to ‘Ilha Grande’. This tropical isle is a getaway for celebrities. Therefore, there are several resorts, villas, big hotels and restaurants. The fascinating landscape with backwaters, waterfalls, rivers and mountains offer several activities such as trekking, scuba diving, fishing or boat trips. ‘Aventureiro’ beach is one among Brazil’s best surfing spots.

Vila do Abraao- Hub of Ilha Grande

‘Vila do Abraao’ is the biggest settlement on the isle of Ilha Grande in Angra dos Reis. ‘Vila do Abraao’ is a popular spot facing the beach with lots of pousadas, eateries and nightlife. The central square is vibrant with live amusements. There are several land trails linking the township to the seashores and forests.

Angra’s Treasures

‘Lopez Mendes’ in Angra dos Reis is one among the most attractive beaches in Brazil. The water transparency is extraordinary and in many places there are fresh water ponds. You’ll be lucky if you sight howler monkeys and macaws in this region. The coastline has a few bars selling beverages and tasty shrimp and crab pastries.
Praia Vermelha is the red beach which is noted for its uniqueness and unparalleled beauty. The beach is a fantastic spot for divers to initiate their adventurous expeditions. There are some bars and eateries to fill your stomach. Concealed in the rear side of the rocks is the ‘Itaguacu beach’, a serene environment ideal for bathing.

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