Beaches in Rio

Part of Rio Culture: Refresh, Soak Under the Sun, Meet People, Play Sports, Eat Typical Snacks

The experience you can have at the Rio beaches is inexplicable. There is something for everybody, young, old and the adventurous people. Famous all over the world for its white sands, sparkling clear waters and lots of sunshine, Rio beaches have everything you can think of. Copacabana and Ipanema beaches are the more popular ones of the Rio beaches. You cannot afford to miss a visit to these beaches while on your holiday to Rio de Janeiro.

Beaches in Rio

Copacabana Beach - A Prominent Rio Retreat

This is a splendid 2.5 miles stretch of clear sand that is along the southern coast of Rio with the grand Sugar Loaf Mountain as a backdrop. Of all the Rio beaches, Copacabana beach stands out as one of the best. It’s packed with people especially as darkness descends when the beach turns into what is like a party. The spirit of the Cariocas is seen here at the beach bars that are quaint, cool and offer beer or caipirinhas (an alcoholic drink) and also snacks. You can go swimming, get tanned on the beach, play a game of soccer or beach volleyball at this fabulous beach retreat.

Leme Beach - A Place to Unwind

Rio beaches are all different in some way or the other. Leme for example is quite laid back and perfect for families. It is in fact an extension of the Copacabana coastline. From the Leme beach you not only can have a stunning view of the Sugar Loaf Mountain but also marvel at the dazzling sunset spectacle. Families with little children and even old people throng the beach on Sundays, when traffic to the main road alongside the beach is stopped. The street is packed with cyclists, skateboarders and kids on roller blades.

Ipanema Beach – A Trendsetter

Ipanema beach is one of the Rio beaches that still attract crowds due to the famed ‘Girl from Ipanema’ song. The beach is famous for their fashion-conscious slender and tanned females in their tangas or tiny bikinis. However, it is not only ‘garotas bonitas’( meaning beautiful women) that Ipanema beach is famous for, you can also find a bevy of lively activities here like all the other Rio beaches. There are lots of beach sports for one and all. For more fun head to ‘Lifeguard Tower 9’ or ‘Posto 9’ and along with the Cariocas you can party the whole night through.

Barra –Beach for Surfers

Barra beach is certainly one amongst the longest and best of the Rio beaches. It attracts an ardent surfer and also a casual swimmer. Surfing is so popular here that there are many schools with specialists to train the novice the skills of surfing. The beach holds surfing championships yearly which is not seen in the other Rio beaches. Besides shops and cinemas, the beach has a number of restaurants to satisfy your taste buds.

Leblon – A Sophisticated Beach

Of all the Rio beaches, the Leblon beach is the safest. It is also more subdued as well as sophisticated since it is in a rich neighbourhood. Families enjoy the beach as there is an enclosed area for toddlers. The ‘Seventh Heaven’ is the look-out point on top of a massive granite rock from where you can have an awesome view of the Rio beaches and mountains.

Recreio – A Great Surfing Spot

This beach is 12 kilometers from the neighbourhood of Barra da Tijuca. It is ideal for surfers. ‘Canto do Recreio’ and ‘Posto 10’ are two very good surfing spots in this beach. Unlike other Rio beaches, Recreio beach and the neighbourhood are relatively new, so there is less construction work. Therefore, sunbathers can have a nice time until sunset. ‘Praia do Abrico’ is the only authorized sea shore for nudists.

Prainha Beach – A Truly Beautiful Retreat

Travellers who wish to have an exotic and tranquil ambience head to the Prainha beach. Of all the Rio beaches, the scenery here is awesome. The beach is truly beautiful with its sparkling white sand and the mountains covered with the lush green tropical rain forests is a sight you should not miss. The waves here rise up to a height of over 3 meters, enabling expert surfers to show off their skills.

Mangaratiba – A Quiet Secluded Beach

A small port in Rio, Mangaratiba beach is a quiet and secluded beach unlike other Rio beaches. Alongside the boroughs of Itacuruca, Uriqui and Ibicui are a number of beaches. Cushioned amidst the rainforests is a resort. If you wish you can relax under the sun soaked sands of the beaches of Mangaratiba. Just like other Rio beaches, the beaches here too have facilities for fun. You can rent a schooner and take a ride or go sailing in the quiet waters.

Angra Beach – Beaches and Islands GaloreAngra Beach - Tropical paradise

The region of Angra dos Reis has about 365 islands and more than 2000 beaches. This is something unique which is not seen in the other Rio beaches. The rich and renowned people of Rio own some of the private islands here. Ilha Grande is the biggest of all the islands. The crystal clear water is ideal for diving and fishing. ‘Aventureiro’ is a popular surfing beach.

Arpoador Beach – A Glorious View from the Rock

The Arpoador beach consists of bits of sand and rock. At night the floodlights alongside the rock formations illuminate the beach which is a dazzling sight to watch. Standing on the rock affords a magnificent view of the Rio beaches and neighborhoods. This beach is very good for surfing although the waves are not that big.

Urca Beach – Awesome View of the Mountains

Of all the Rio beaches, this beach is small located at the base of the ‘Sugar Loaf Mountain’. The Urca beach provides the perfect setting to relax and watch the awesome views of the mountains. The beach has fine sand that the locals use for sports and sun bathing. The locals frequent the beach as the warm waters of the sea are irresistible.

All the Rio beaches have their own characteristics and appeal which will tempt you to visit them when you are in Rio. The Brazilians not only go to the Rio beaches but they love them and when you are there the Carioca zest will influence you too.

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