Next to Copacabana, Leme Beach is a Quiet Place to Stay and Relax

Adjoining the well-known Copacabana beach to the north is the not so famous but equally impressive Leme beach. It is a small beach that extends from ‘Morro do Leme’ to ‘Avenida Princesa Isabel. This street divides Copacabana and Leme. The beach is relatively quiet and laid back but the panorama from the beach is spectacular particularly at sunset.

Leme - A Family Beach

Leme – A Tranquil Beach for the Residents

Frequented mainly by the locality’s residents, Leme beach manifests the tranquility of this area. The beach can be approached from any point from Rio’s South Zone. It is situated beside the Copacabana beach and oftentimes the boundary between Copacabana and Leme go unnoticed. From Leblon and Ipanema you can easily reach the beach by taking a bus or a cab. To go to ‘Avenida Princesa Isabel’ you need to take any bus that pass by ‘Avenida Nossa Senora de Copacabana’.

A visit to the ‘Leme Rock’ should be in your itinerary which is towards the end of the beach. It is a preferred fishing spot and a center where you will get the most appetizing dishes in the locality. The ‘Caminho dos Pescadores’ or the ‘Fisherman’s Pathway’ is here where you can watch the local men fishing.

What to See

Towards the end of this secluded Leme beach, you will spot ‘Morro do Leme’, a big mountain that has a pedestrian path used by fishermen and amblers alike. To get close to the ‘sagui’ monkeys pack a few fruits along and you are sure to make a few friends! Morro is heavily forested and boasts of 10,000 different kinds of plants and also more than 90 species of animals.

 Visitors can go to the ‘Forte Duque de Caxias’ commonly known as ‘Leme Fort’ on holidays and weekends.

Where to Stay

Close to the Leme beach are quite a few good hotels and restaurants. Some of them are ‘Leme Othon Palace’, ‘Acapulco Copacabana Hotel’ and the ‘Golden Tulip Continental’ that offer fine dining, accommodation and hospitality.

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