Recreio Beach

Perfect for Volleyball, Soccer and Surf

Travelling from Barra a distance of about 12 kilometers is the Recreio beach which is a haven for surfers. The beach, which the locals refer to as ‘Pioneers Playground’, is to a certain extent a virgin territory. The white powdery sands that glitter like diamonds under the sun and the pristine clear waters of the beach captivate you to linger on. The film ‘Blame it on Rio’ was shot in this naturally beautiful beach which provided the ideal location

Surfing and Sunbathing at Recreio

The untamed environs and powerful waves of Recreio are a crowd-puller for the surfing enthusiasts of Rio. Remember to carry your surfboard or you can get to hire one around the beach. ‘Canto do Recreio’ and ‘Posto 10’ are the main surfing sites.

To refresh yourselves you can grab some coconut water and the beachside sandwich kiosks and cafes can satisfy your appetite.

Recreio has an extensive stretch of sand that is perfect for activities like volleyball and soccer. There are hardly any tall buildings around the beach area, so sunbathers can enjoy for a longer time. Cycling is a favorite activity for many in the locality and you can see a dedicated bicycle trail along the coastline and even beyond.

Recreio and its Surroundings

On weekends people from neighboring Barra, journey to Recreio to relax and enjoy some audacious sport. A few kilometers down the beach, you will reach ‘Pedra do Pontal’ from where the Pontal beach starts. You can climb this rock without much difficulty for spectacular views of the beaches and the mountains behind.

Close to the rock is a popular skating rink. The ‘Pontal Rock’ divides Macumba and Recreio beaches. The next two beaches are Prainha and Grumari that are in the midst of mountains. Driving further down is ‘Praia do Abrico’ Rio’s only authorized nude beach. This beach is encircled in the ‘Grumari Area of Environmental Preservation’. Unlike the crowded beaches of Rio, Recreio has plenty to offer a tourist seeking a tranquil ambience.

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