Urca Beach

With A Beautiful Background, Urca Beach isVisited Largely by Residents

With sweeping scenes of the Bay of Guanabara and located along the background of the ‘Sugar Loaf Mountain’ is the locality of Urca. Its beach is small at the base of Urca hill; nevertheless, it is the most important beach of the neighborhood and is frequented by its residents.

Fun Time at the Beach

The secluded Urca beach is visited largely by the residents as it is much cheaper than its neighbor Copacabana. The locals enjoy visits to this beach as they bask in the clean sands during the day or rent a canoe to paddle alongside the bay. Food and accommodation are also inexpensive here. The beach has fine sand which is apt for beach activities and some sports. The waters of Praia Vermelha being shallow are perfect for swimming.

Praia Vermelha and its Surroundings

Praia Vermelha is one among Rio’s picturesque beaches also referred to as the ‘Red Beach’. Arguably the most secure neighborhood in Rio, Urca beach has the advantage of having three beaches, three hills and two fortresses that comprise this locality together with the mythical ‘Sugar Loaf Mountain’. Situated at the intersection of the meeting point of Guanabara Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, the neighborhood houses several museums and colonial mansions.

Around Urca Beach

‘Forte Sao Joao,’ today a base for the military, is a fine model of Portuguese structural design of the 1700s. There is a museum where you can see the weapons and ammunitions used during the time. ‘Morro da Urca’ adjoining Sugar Loaf, is a great destination for panoramic views and mountain climbing. A cable car connects ‘Sugar Loaf’ and ‘Morro da Urca’.

Urca beach has several bars and eateries along its coast that offer both traditional and seafood dishes. A tour of the ‘Rio-Sul Shopping Center’ should be in your itinerary. This shopping area is close to the tunnel that leads up to Ipanema and Copacabana. Urca beach beckons you to enjoy the fine sands and scenic views of the mountains and hills.

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