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Taking part of the carnival samba parade is absolutely one of those unforgettable things we have to do before we die. Seriously! It’s also the best way for your to enjoy the true spirit of Carnival. Get your carnival costume at and get ready for the real thrill.

Costumes are avaliable from November to January. Place your order online or contact us thru email or phone to guarantee your space at the runaway

Check our 2018 Full Costume Carnival Collection at our sister site

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Our costumes will let you live all the emotion and excitement of this special celebration.

Imagine yourself parading with one of Rio's fabled "Samba Schools". Singing the samba, dancing the rhythms of Carnival like a true native. Thousands of people watching.  Millions following every school through their own TV’s. It’s a high energy event that will certainly be remembered forever.

The warming up time (concentracao) in which you prepare to enter is a great experience as well. It takes a couple of hours preparing for the big carnival sambodromo runway. The parade itself will last from 82 to 95 minutes.

Check our 2018 Full Costume Carnival Collection at our sister site

Carnival Costume Package Options

Carnival costume packages are available now for the three main days, the four main parades:

  1. Friday, February 09th for the Access League, which is cheaper and almost as much as fun.
  2. Saturday February 10th for the Access League, which is cheaper and almost as much as fun.
  3. Sunday February 11th for the Special League, which is a bit more expensive.
  4. Monday February 12th for the Special League, which is a also more expensive.

Expert Advice:

Parade with the Access Group Samba Schools on Friday or Saturday and watch the Special Group parade on Sunday and/or Monday.

Because of the fierce competition to grab access to the next year main parade, it’s a rare moment of beauty and emotion, with the party goers putting all their hearts on the show. The difference between running on Access or with the Special Group on Sunday and Monday is like “College football”  and “ NFL”. Only that on Friday and Saturday, it’s like half the price.

Carnival Costume Package Types

Ground costumes are availabe for Access or Special Group parades.

Ground Carnival Costumes
You will be parading as part of a wing - "ala" in Portuguese - with a group of approximately 200 people wearing the same gorgeous costume. The many wings, each with different costumes, support the School to present their theme for the year at the Sambodromo. As you may have seen in the pictures, ground costumes participants do their show on the floor, inside the wing and according to the formation instructions given and conductedby the wing directors.

Float Carnival Costumes
The Samba Schools carry 6 to 8 big floats to help them tell the story. The floats are one of the biggest attractions of the parade and normally planned, designed and built in much secret until the big day.

Important Note about Float Costumes: Float costumes are a bit more complicated. The schools require that you know the samba song. Some require that you sign a document releasing the school from any responsibility in case of an accident. The school are also concerned that paraders will abandon the floats during the parade, causing the school to loose points, precious points, and consequentely the competition. If you are really interested in parading on top of a float, let us know emailing [email protected] and we will contact you to send you a couple of options and its prices. Float costumes range from US$450 to US$ 5,000 depending on the reputation of the samba school and the material used.

Float Carnival Costumes

VIP Service. Transfers and English Speaking Tour Guides
For your safety and comfort, you will be escorted by our experienced tour guides at all times, including the parade itself. Our fun tour conductors will make sure you get to the sambodromo warming-up area safe and on time, assist you to find your own wing, parade at the same school and put you back on the bus back to Copacabana, when the parade is over.

We Will Need your Measures
When costumes actually become avaialable, we will contact so you can choose your pick up. At this time, we will need to get some measurements from you such as SHOE SIZE and CLOTHING SIZE S/M/L/XL, in order to have them manufactured to your size.

Costume Pick Up
You may pick up your own costume on Friday February 09th or Saturday February 10, 2018 at our Carnival Hospitality Desk located at the Atlāntico Copacabana Hotel, located in Copacabana - Address Rua Siqueira Campos, 90, Room Imperial, exclusively from 10 AM to 5PM, local Rio de Janeiro time.

Learn more about the Sambodromo.

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Carnival Costume Wisdom
Parade on Saturday. Watch it on Sunday or Monday. Preorder your carnival costume right here, right now.
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