Rio Carnival Winners' Parade


Unidos da Tijuca Samba School group of dancersCarnival is not over on Fat Tuesday. Not before the Winner's Parade, the funniest - and most natural - show.

Also known as the Champion's Parade, the Winners' Parade takes place on the Saturday following Carnival.

The winner and 5 runners-up from the Special Group make part of the Winners' Parade the Saturday after Carnival, February 13 this year.

If you spent your carnival on a resort near Rio, in Salvador or are arriving in Rio right after Carnival, go and watch the Winners' Parade. Because there is no competition, some say it's the funniest, lightest parade on Carnival, with people dancing the samba celebrating to be among the bests 5 schools, in a natural swing, dancing the true and beautiful samba.

Full Schedule for the 2019 Rio Carnival Winners' Parade at the Sambadrome

Winners' Parade - Champion and 5 runner-up from Special Group
Winner Parade
Winner and 5 runner-up Schools
March 09th
9 PM to 6 AM

Imperatriz - 9 PM
Portela - 10:05 PM
Unidos da Tijuca - 11:10 PM
Grande Rio - 00:15 AM
Salgueiro - 01:20 AM
(Campeã)- 02:25 AM



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Carnival Winners' Parade
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