Gay Circuit Parties

The Most Famous Parties Of The Gay Circuit In Rio de Janeiro.

Rio is undoubtedly a gay friendly city with a major contribution to its vibrant nightlife coming from the community. While there are several GLS nightclubs and bars that host parties throughout the year, the Rio Carnival is a time for special celebrations with circuit parties just as hot and lively as samba parades and street parties. Drag shows, celebrity guests, and DJs of international fame do their rounds at dance clubs, hotels, and other venues in Rio where electronica takes over the samba. For many of these parties you don't need to book ahead.

B.I.T.C.Hing it up at Rio's circuit parties

Circuit PartiesCircuit parties have been a part of Rio's nightlife and entertainment scene for over three decades. Tivoli Park near Lagoa became the party zone where live bands and DJs from around the globe sent crowds into a frenzy. Soon these parties were christened as 'label parties' with predominantly gay crowds at bashes that took place at warehouses, the beach, farmhouse, and just about anywhere. The big circuit parties began in the 1990s with B.I.T.C.H or Barbies In Total Control Here, and X-Demente, two party zones with flocks of followers. Ever since, the party scene has multiplied with Carnival time even more hectic. Today, R. Evolution and Pool Party are among the biggest circuit parties, while Maxima is another gay extravaganza held in Rio and Sao Paulo as well.

Circuit parties big and small

X-Demente circuit parties have Rio's gay community out in large numbers with celebrities like Ru Paul and Jeff Stryker. You can catch up with the gang on Saturdays at Fundicao Progresso. Parties are held twice a month, however, you will need to check local entertainment guides or newspapers like the Jornal do Brasil or O Globo for announcements about the next big show when you are in town. They are usually listed in the entertainment section under Festas. During the Rio Carnival these parties are held more often. Producers of circuit parties never run short of ideas and you will find a number of smaller parties held during the week

The GLS club circuit

Rio's rapidly expanding gay community has a number of nightclubs in Copacabana, Leblon, and Ipanema that are popular cruising zones gays. Among the popular GLS clubs are Bunker 94 and Fosfobox in Copacabana. Club Erotica, a strip club also hosts Buati, a circuit party packed to capacity especially around Carnival time. Le Boy at the southern tip of Ipanema has plenty of drag shows, go-go boys, a great dance floor and a gay bathhouse as well. For the quintessential gay, a trip to Rio oldest gay club La Cueva is a must. The Week in downtown Rio is new on the scene with riotous circuit parties scheduled on weekends.

Finding the Best Parties

Find the Best PartiesIt doesn't take long for word to spread about the most sensational circuit parties at gay clubs and other venues. Farme Gay and Posto 9 at Ipanema Beach are the spots from where flyers and tickets are distributed for some of these events. If you have a group of gay friends you are bound to hear from them since word spreads quickly. Many boutiques in Leblon, Copacabana, and Ipanema are well informed with posters and flyers about circuit parties around Rio. Apart from the local newspapers, check through the weekly entertainment section of Veja Rio for a list of parties at gay clubs. Then again, don't hesitate to ask a cute gay you meet at a bar or down the street at Farme de Amoedo.

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