Gay Carnival Events

During Carnival, Gay Events Happen All Over the City

The Rio Carnival wouldn't be as half as colorful and entertaining if it wasn't for gay Carnival events. From circuit parties to nightclubs, Carnival balls and street parties, gay events are an integral part of the Carnival scene. This is the time to witness the most flamboyant, extravagant, and sometimes outrageous costumes where drag queens and transvestites take center stage at events every night of the Carnival. Guaranteed, there is never a quiet moment at gay Carnival events. In addition, there are many GLS nightclubs that host events throughout the city.

Barbies at the Farme

Barbies at the FarmeWhile the Sambadrome is the focus of competition, the rest of Rio parties just as hard on all five nights, where samba rules. Street parties are free, and you can join one of the biggest gay Carnival events at Farme de Amoedo Street. Located at the beginning of Ipanema Beach, the area is where gays congregate to put up one of the largest street parades during the Carnival. While Barbies, of the muscular kind, are to be found in abundance, the street parties are open to everyone at Farme de Amoedo. There are other bars and cafes in the area where you will find a diverse crowd as well. You can catch Banda de Ipanema, one of the biggest street bands on three nights before and during the Carnival, known for its raucous spirit of celebration. The band plays host to one of the biggest gay Carnival events where everyone including drag queens and gays gather at Praca General Osorio for a night of non-stop revelry.

Gay Carnival Balls

The Rio Carnival is the looking glass through which the world tends to do judge the city. Yet, the Carnival is just an umbrella concept embracing many diverse events leading up to Ash Wednesday. Among these spectacular gay Carnival events in the city is the Gay Costume Ball at the Scala Rio Nightclub that has moved from Leblon to a new address in downtown Rio at Rua 13 de Maio, 23, Centro, Rio de Janeiro. The Gay Costume Ball is one in a series of Carnival balls hosted by the nightclub that is broadcasted live throughout the nation. Drag queens, transvestites, gays, celebrities, and the most exotic personalities in elegant and often outlandish costumes come together on Carnival Tuesday keep the public that line up outside the Scala to watch the participants walk the red carpet. Tickets for the ball sell fast, so you need to book them early.

Circuit Parties – Carnival at a different beat

Samba rules when it comes to song and dance during the Carnival. However, there are circuit parties in Gloria district where electronica takes over. If you want a change of rhythm then circuit parties that attract a large gay crowd are the ideal alternative. There are great gay Carnival events including X-Demente, the biggest circuit party in Rio that is held at different locations every year but usually in Lapa at Fundicao Progresso or Marina da Gloria along Guanabara Bay. The famous B.I.T.C.H party where barbies are in control is held on Carnival Sunday at a park in Barra or the abandoned railroad station in downtown Rio.

Gay Carnival events at nightclubs

Gay Carnival Events at nightclubsGay nightclubs also play host to gay Carnival events throughout the week. Le Boy and Fosfobox in Copacabana and Dama de Ferro in Ipanema are famous for their theme parties. Galeria G, To Nem Ai, and The Week are popular gay hotspots that host Carnival parties on all nights of the Carnival. For more electro music a visit to The Week in downtown Rio is a must. To Nem Ai on Farme de Amoedo in Ipanema hosts great gay crowds on Carnival nights while more upscale events are held at Galeria G.

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