Gay Carnival

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The Rio Carnival is undoubtedly the world's most spectacular event that has a special place for gay travelers to Rio as well. Several gay Carnival events are hosted throughout the city, which is known to be among the gay-friendliest places. This is a great time to experience the true carioca spirit of living life to the fullest, in addition to the unmatched natural beauty and charm of the city.

A city where the gay Carnival spirit spreads like magic

A city where the gay Carnival spirit spreads like magicBeing a tropical paradise located between the mountains and the sea, Rio is known for its diversity. Warm inviting beaches, delicious cuisine, incredible shopping, magnificent scenery, and of course, cariocas that know how to party every night of the week, are only a few things to experience in this beach city loaded with eye candy as far as one can see. Come nighttime and Rio transforms into one big party zone especially during gay Carnival events. The city has some of the best gay-friendly restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and dance clubs especially in the neighborhood of Ipanema, a mini gay empire of sorts. During the Rio Carnival, all eyes turn to the infamous Farme de Amoedo Street and the Banda de Ipanema street parade, where drag queens and Barbie boys take center stage in extravagant and often outlandish costumes in a bid to outdo the beauty queens that Brazil is famous for. Good will and harmony permeates everyone during the Carnival, giving you the opportunity to experience the true spirit of the Carnival.

Dedicated gay Carnival events

Gay Carnival balls and circuit parties are among the most colorful and exotic events during the five days of celebrations. The Scala Rio Nightclub hosts one of the most flamboyant events, the Gay Scala Ball, a nationwide televised event that has the who's who from Rio and around the globe in attendance. Carnival Tuesday is the day to make a date with the Scala at its new address in downtown Rio at Avenida Treze de Maio 23, Centro. Feel free to join in any street party around the town. The cariocas will always welcome you to join in the revelry. Music, song, and dance are what rule at the gay Carnivals, so make sure your party shoes and costume are ready.

Pump up the volume at gay Carnival circuit parties

Pump up the volume at gay Carnival circuit partiesThe gay Carnival scene sets to a different tune at circuit parties including B.I.T.C.H and X-Demente that attract a large gay crowd. You can catch them usually at Marina da Gloria, in Lapa, or at a warehouse. That's not all. Rio's gay Carnival events spill over to nightclubs and bars all over the city. For an exciting night with the Barbie boys you can head to Le Boy and Fosfobox in Copacabana or popular gay nightspots like Dama de Ferro and The Week in Ipanema. Don't miss the Rio Music Conference where the best DJs in electronica pump up the volume at Carnival parties at Marina da Gloria on all five days of the celebrations.

Exploring gay Ipanema

While you get to party at gay Carnivals, the neighborhood of gay Ipanema is worth exploring. An ideal place to mingle with fellow gays is at Posto 9 or lifeguard tower 9 at Ipanema Beach. The rainbow flag flies proudly at Posto 9 where gay couples displaying affection is commonplace. Then again, there is so much to explore in Ipanema. For some exclusive handicrafts, don't miss the Farmer's Market held on Fridays. See more about Gay Ipanema.

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