A Vacation beyond the Carnival in Brazil

Plan Your Vacation Beyond Carnival, Know Wich City to Visit in Brazil

Brazil has a lot more to offer its guests than just the Carnival although this is perhaps the best event in the country. The city of Rio itself has the Christ the Redeemer statue and the Sugar Loaf Mountains for visitors who have the time for it. Carnival extensions that include these sites are part of the vacation packages that are available. A visit to neighboring cities although cannot be done along with the Carnival so you will have to make extra time for it.

Carnival Extensions to Other Cities

A visit to Buzios is a must do for surfing fanatics due to the large number of beaches around this area. There are family beaches and ones suited for surfers and the main street offers a variety of food options, bars and nightclubs. Another city you can plan to visit as a Carnival extension is Angra dos Reis, located to the south of Rio. It has about 300 beaches with many private beaches owned by celebrities.

Carnival extensions to Paraty

Paraty is an island to the south of Rio on its green coast with many rainforests and mountains to see. It has become a popular Carnival extension destination over the last few years. The Serra da Bocaina National Park, Serra do Mar State Park, the Park Reserve of Joatinga and Cairucu Environmental Protection Area are all situated around Paraty and are ideal for Carnival extension holidays. It offers the peace and quiet you will miss in the city of Rio.

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