Itinerary Options for Brazil Carnival 2019

Options Of Cities to Include In Your Itinerary When In Brazil For Carnival

Brazil has a very diverse culture and topography that makes for some very interesting sights. The landscape is interspersed with mountains and skyscrapers. To complete the picture there are hundreds of beaches that add more color and life. Brazil packages that include the Carnival 2019 in Rio and other neighboring cities is a must do for all visitors. Whether you do it after the Carnival or before, the ideal Brazil package should have some other cities also included in the itinerary.

Brazil Packages to the Amazon

The Amazon River is a sight to behold and offers natural vegetation, animals and sheer scenic beauty. You can take a boat trip up the river to see some of the wildlife. The city of Belem is at the mouth of the Amazon River and is a combination of modern skyscrapers and colonial buildings, making for interesting Brazil packages to the region.

Brazil Packages to Other Cities

Buzios is ideal for surfers and beach lovers, offering beaches suited to the needs of families and hard core surfers. If it is the city life you crave then head for Sao Paulo as part of your Brazil packages. The 32 malls and numerous boutiques will certainly not disappoint you. Curitiba is the place to visit for food enthusiasts due to the large immigrant population in this place. The ethnic food you get here is the closest you will get to the real thing in a foreign country.

Rio Carnival 2019

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