The Black and Red Ball

The Black and Red Ball is Dedicated to Flamengo, Popular Football Team

Black and Red Ball is currently suspended at Scala Rio. On the same day, you can attend Cordao do Bola Preta Ball instead.

The cariocas are loyal to their home team, Flamengo, to which the Rio Scala Nightclub dedicates the Black and Red Ball during the Rio Carnival. The football team is one of the most widely supported teams with over 36 million fans. The event at the Scala attracts celebrities and supporters of the team with television cameras overworked on a night were samba dancers take center stage to entice an already animated crowd to sing and dance in tandem all night long.

Black and Red Carnival Ball of Scala

A great way to get into the Carnival spirit

No prizes for guessing the dress code. It's strictly black and red if you want the privilege of joining in the celebrations. The ballrooms at the Black and Red Ball are packed to capacity with cariocas proud of their team. It would be a great idea to pick up tokens from the drink counter as soon as you enter since wading through the sea of black and red gets tougher as the night moves on. The ball is now notoriously considered a no-holds-barred affair so you can expect to have the time of your life with live bands playing the hottest samba tunes and seductive samba dancers beckoning you onto the dance floor.

Information about tickets

Since Black and Red Ball is suspended, on the same day you can attend Cordao do Bola Preta Ball instead. This party will test your energy to the limits. Be prepared to revel till the wee hours of the morning as the cariocas flaunt their culture. Book your tickets for the Cordao do Bola Preta on 01st March 2019 early. You have a choice of standing tickets that do not include dinner. For a complete affair you can book VIP box tickets and enjoy a traditional buffet and drinks all night at the Scala. Don't forget to get your outfit ready for the Cordao do Bola Preta Ball.

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