Devassa Balls

The Devassa Carnival Balls Include Gala City of Rio Ball, Fun Carnival Ball and Grande Baile Gay

When it comes to glitz and glamour, the Rio Carnival never ceases to disappoint. The party town of Rio has a number of hotels, bars, and nightclubs that host a series of Carnival balls. A new entrant into the Carnival scene is Devassa Balls or Bailes Devassa, which hosts the Fun Carnival Ball and other events during the Rio Carnival at the Píer Mauá.

Party all night at Devassa Balls

For a night of fun filled entertainment with plenty of samba music to dance the night away, Devassa Balls are a place to party all night long. Most events begin around 11:00 pm so make sure you have plenty energy in store to swing to the samba till the wee hours of the morning. Rest assured you are in for a nice surprise every night during the Rio Carnival. The renovated warehouses at the Port of Rio or Píer Mauá play host to Devassa Balls, the perfect place to get into the Carnival mood. Make sure you wear a colorful costume and make your fantasy become a reality. The balls are the best way to experience the true spirit of the Rio Carnival where the sounds of the samba get louder as the revelry continues through the night at the Pier Maua. Among the major events is the Gala City of Rio Ball, Fun Carnival Ball, Feijoada do Amaral, and the Grande Baile Gay, the concluding party that is the most glittering event in the series of Devassa Balls.

A double dose of Carnival magic

Devassa Balls showcase some of Brazil's most talented samba musicians that lead the crowd wild with their renditions of the latest samba tunes. During the Fun Carnival Ball a large screen is set up to broadcast the Special Group Parade from the Sambadrome. Some of the most prominent street bands take center stage at the ball, complete with singers, dancers, and drummers that have the crowd on their feet in a matter of minutes.

Eight nights of non-stop revelry at Pier Maua

The series of Devassa Balls begins with the "Baile de Gala da cidade do Rio de Janeiro", that marks the beginning of the Rio Carnival with prominent samba bands and DJs entertaining crowds through the night. The "Baile Devassa" is next in the series, followed by the traditional Feijoada do Amaral that plays host to celebrities including film starts and football from around the globe. The Fun Carnival Ball is held over two days and combines live broadcasts from the Sambadrome and performances by samba schools that come to Pier Maua right after their parade at the Sambadrome. The celebrations culminate with the "Grande Baile Gay", the most glamorous and entertaining night of the Carnival.

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