Free Rio Carnival Balls

Street Parties or Blocos de Carnaval are the Free Carnival Balls

The Rio Carnival is a time when the city explodes into a weeklong revelry that no words can aptly describe. A riot of color, the invigorating rhythms of the samba, and intoxicated crowds in elaborate or revealing costumes are just a few features of Carnival balls held on for a week leading up to the season of Lent. The casual observer would find it hard to describe, but no one can remain a casual observer for long. The cariocas along with thousands of tourists join the biggest party on the planet that never stops.

Experience the free spirit of the Carnival

The Carnival balls aren't restricted to the Sambadrome and elite nightclubs and bars. Everyone gets to party during the Carnival with free street parties or parades held in every corner, which are as euphoric as compared to the other Carnival balls. You can be as foot loose and fancy free as can be with no tickets to worry about. The best thing is you get to experience the true spirit of the Carnival amidst the locals who forget about the hassles of daily living and drown in the celebrations with song, dance, and wild revelry.

Street Parties or Blocos in Rio Carnival.

Over four hundred free Carnival balls to choose from

The street Carnival balls are hosted by every neighborhood, growing in number every year. The famous Zona Sul or south zone covering Ipanema and Copacabana is notorious for the most number of street parties. For the 2019 Rio Carnival the Municipal Secretary of Tourism of Rio aims to make street parties more streamlined so that they can be easily accessed, controllable, and more enjoyable. Some of the famous street parties in the Zona Sul include the Banda de Ipanema, Simpatia e Quase Amor, and Volta Alice almost double in size every year and are amongst the most euphoric free Carnival balls you could attend in Rio.

At a time like this locals and tourists do not need an excuse to party. As the street parade begins, singing and dancing to the samba comes naturally to everyone. From the teenager from the favelas to white collared workers, there are no boundaries when it comes to reveling at street parades. Street vendors selling beer and other alcohol ensure that no one is left thirsty. While you are engulfed in the Carnival spirit, you can quench your thirst as you parade with the locals. While shorts and a t-shirt will do, a colorful and exotic costume is a great way to experience the true spirit of Carnival balls. The street parades continue along pre-determined routes. Feel free to join them anywhere along the way.

Impromptu celebrations with a distinct Brazilian flavor

It doesn't matter if you don't have tickets to the big events. The free Carnival balls are just as lively and exciting with floats, samba bands, and sensuous samba dancers that represent true carioca tradition. On any day you can expect over four hundred free Carnival balls held throughout the city, where millions participate in the merrymaking without any inhibitions. Some street parties are spontaneous and don't be surprised to find a party erupt by a band of returning beach-goers. Just be prepared to join the cariocas anywhere and anytime.

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