Gay Costume Ball

The Scala Rio Host the Gay Costume Ball, One of the Most Popular Events of Carnival

This is a night where not only members of the alternative society but everyone willing to party hard in Rio come together for one final showdown before the beginning of Lent. Making a grand entry at the Gay Costume Ball are a number of drag queens and transvestites dressed in exotic or even the most bizarre costumes in a bid to kick up a storm with the sole intention of partying. The mind blowing event is televised throughout the country and well attended by many celebrities as well.

Gay Costume Ball of Rio Scala

A time when cariocas actually dress up

The Gay Costume Ball is a time to revel and shed all inhibitions, which everyone does naturally, on a night filled with singing and dancing to the soulful and intoxicating beats of the samba. As the night moves on the celebrations reach a feverish pitch with drag queens, playboy bunnies, and Barbie dolls attracting the attention of everyone. The Gay Costume Ball is not restricted to members of an alternative lifestyle. Thousands of straight people join in the colorful event to compete with drag queens in flamboyant costumes of their own. To get in on all the action, be sure to make it to the Scala on February 09th 2018. You don't have to be gay to attend the event. As long as you are happy and gay, the Scala welcomes everyone.


Book tickets to the Gay Costume Ball today

Being one of the most sought after events and the grand finale of the Rio Carnival, tickets to the Gay Costume Ball sell out fast so the only alternative is to book way in advance for the best seat at the Scala on February 28th 2018. You have a choice of tickets which include standing tickets, the most affordable with access to all of Scala's ballrooms.

Dinner and drinks are charged extra. Alternatively, you can reserve a table for 4 in the public area around the dance floor and pay separately for your dinner and drinks. These tickets are perfect if you want to take a rest from the dance floor. VIP box seats entitle you to free buffet and drinks including Brazil's very own hot favorite, caipirinha. If you are a larger group you can reserve a VIP box for 12 and enjoy a free buffet and drinks as well. You will definitely need it after partying hard at the Gay Costume Ball.

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