Magic Ball at the Copa

The Magic Ball At The Copacabana Palace Hotel

Talk about glitz and glamour during the Rio Carnival and there is no place that can match up to the extravaganza and opulence of Magic Ball at the Copa. The Copacabana Palace Hotel plays host to the grandest of all occasions during the Rio Carnival where the crème de la crème from Rio and around the globe gather for a night of extravagant entertainment. The Magic Ball at the Copa is one of the high points of the carnival where the hotel's marvelous salons are magically transformed into a theme representing the spirit of the carnival. Every year a new theme adorns the entire hotel and you can look forward to a few pleasant surprises at the 2019 Magic Ball at the Copa as well.

Copacabana Magic Ball

Samba with the who's who from around the globe

Each year an eclectic mix of people attend the Magic Ball at the Copa in the most sensational costumes. If you happen to attend, don't be surprised if you bump into a politician, movie star, football player, or footloose and fancy free tourist wanting to experience the magic of the carnival. While the dress code is an evening or gala dress for the ladies and suit and black tie for the gents, the best way to experience the flavor of the carnival is a luxury costume. Rest assured, the ballrooms during the Magic Ball at the Copa are packed people competing with each other for the most extravagant costume of the night. While you hob-knob with the rich and famous, the event is well covered by the press with flashbulbs going off almost every second as celebrities walk down the red carpet in their gorgeous gowns and costumes. Don't be surprised if you find your favorite celebrity in a dazzling costume, right beside you on the dance floor. Samba is a culture, philosophy, and tradition, and there is no better way to experience all that than at the Magic Ball at the Copa.

Entertainment at every corner of the Copa

There is never a dull moment at the Magic Ball at the Copa. While you swirl your hips to samba tunes brought to you by live bands, the ballrooms are filled with young men and women entertainers hired to ensure that you never miss out on any of the revelry. It doesn't matter if you are single; there are plenty of other singles to mingle with at the Magic Ball at the Copa. Ask any carioca and they will tell you that the best way to experience the carnival is to get in on the action and the Magic Ball allows you to do just that in true carioca style. Just make sure to book your tickets early for the 2019 Magic Ball at the Copa.

Book your tickets for the Magic Ball today

If this has convinced you enough to attend the Rio's most lavish event during the carnival, you may want to explore various ticket options. The 2019 Magic Ball at the Copa will be held on Saturday, 06th February. Standing tickets for the event only permit entry to the ballrooms. This type of ticket is ideal if you desire to spend most of the night on the dance floor. Tables are available on the hotel's terrace. Alternatively, you can book a table, which includes a traditional carnival buffet and open bar at all the ballrooms and dining rooms.

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