The Mangueira Ball at the Scala

Mangueira Ball Is Dedicated to Mangueira, One of the Oldest Samba Schools in Rio

Carnival celebration at the Scala Rio Nightclub kicks off with the Mangueira Ball where the crowd has the privilege to be entertained by Rio's most famous and infamous Mangueira Samba School. The glamorous and advanced samba school is a very traditional institution, which is what attracts cariocas by the thousands to the Mangueira Ball that turns into a frenetic Saturday night party during the Rio Carnival.

Experience the true spirit of the carnival

The Mangueira Ball is one event that offers you an authentic carnival experience, up close with the most vivacious samba dancers and talented drummers and percussionists from the Mangueira Samba School. Be ready for a night of revelry with samba performances you could ever witness in your lifetime. The party goes on till the wee hours of the next morning. This spectacular event in the series of Rio Scala balls is to be held on Saturday, March 04th 2019. Scala has entertained the public for the last 40 years and this one promises to be even more spectacular.

Mangueira Ball

Learn a few steps from the masters of the samba

The Mangueira Samba School started its glorious journey way back in the early 1920's, enthralling spectators in street parades during the carnival celebrations with their intoxicating drum beats and sensuous dancers that urged the crowds on with their energetic performances.

The Mangueira Ball presents you with the perfect opportunity dance in tune to the foot stomping beats, and learn some moves from the school's beautiful and talented dancers. Pink and green are the colors of the samba school, which are great colors to add to your costume on Saturday night at the Mangueira Ball. The samba school has a huge celebrity following so make a date with the Scala and you could be dancing with the famous.

Tickets for the Mangueira Ball

Tickets for the Mangueira Ball at the Scala are affordable. You have a choice of standing tickets that only permits entry to the ballrooms where you can dance as long as you desire. You will have to pay for food and drinks. Alternatively, you can book a table for 4 and enjoy a rest in between your performances on the dance floor.

VIP box seats entitle you to a table with food and drinks. It doesn't matter what tickets you book, you are guaranteed to taste the true spirit of the carnival among the cariocas who are notorious for partying endlessly.

Rio Carnival 2019

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