Street Parties Schedule Program

The 2019 Carnival Street Parties Schedule Program.

The increasing popularity of the Rio Carnival has made it one of the busiest Carnivals in all of Brazil. Unless you get a copy of the full Carnival schedule it will be extremely difficult to keep track of all the parades, parties and dances that will be organized during the 2019 edition of the Carnival. Scheduled to start on the 09th of February which is a Friday, the Carnival will go on till the 17th of February which is a Saturday. Choosing the programs that you want to attend from the full Carnival schedule will ensure that you get a complete Carnival experience.

The Samba Parade

The Samba parade is perhaps the most popular and sought after program of the Carnival. A full Carnival Schedule will a give you a detail description of the parades that will be held in the Sambadrome. The Carnival parades for Special Group, Access Group, Children's Parade and Champions Parade are all listed in the full Carnival schedule.

Other Attractions

The full Carnival schedule also includes details about the numerous dances and balls that will be held during the Carnival. The Magic Ball, Scala Balls, Ball Masque, Mangueira Carnival Ball, Gay Costume Ball and the Red and Black Ball are some of the more popular ones. Samba school rehearsals, street band performances and street parties that are officially scheduled will also be mentioned in the full Carnival schedule of 2019.

Rio Carnival 2019

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