Various Programs during the Rio Carnival 2019

The Programs Options To 2019 Carnival In Rio de Janeiro.

The Carnival in Rio is the best in all of Brazil and has been attracting large number of visitors every year. The numbers have been steadily increasing each year and more Rio Carnival programs have been introduced so that everybody gets a chance to taste the celebration and fun that is so characteristic of the Carnival. Tourists and locals have the opportunity to be a part of the Carnival and not just mere spectators with the inclusion of street parties, dances, rehearsals and street bands in the Rio Carnival program.

The Blocos and Bandas of Rio

The Blocos and Bandas of Rio have their origins in the Cordoes of the late 1800’s. They have become an integral part of the Rio Carnival program with the exciting and fun filled parties that are hosted by them. Each neighborhood has its own Bloco and every group has a theme song with musicians to play it for them. Cordao do Bola Preta, Monobloco and Suvaco de Cristo (Armpit of Christ) are some of the popular Blocos that are part of the Rio Carnival programs. Leblon, Copacabana, Ipanema, Lagoa, Jardim Botanico and downtown are some of the popular areas that host these Rio Carnival programs.

Best Street Parties in Rio

The city of Rio is one big party no doubt as it gets closer to the Carnival period. There are organized parties as well as impromptu jigs that start up just about anywhere that people gather. The organized parties are part of the Rio Carnival program and can be attended all through the Carnival and after it as well. Cinelandia, the Rio Branco and outside of the Sambodromo are where the best parties are held. Different parties are unique for their style but all of them are without doubt a part of the colorful and fun filled Rio Carnival programs. More about the best street parties.

Samba Land or the Terreirao do Samba

Samba Land is a large area in downtown Rio where musicians and bands perform all through the Carnival period. The festivities begin by about 7 in the evening and go on till 3 in the morning. This Rio Carnival program has been steadily drawing more and more partiers every year. There can be anywhere between 3 to 10 performances in a single night. The Rio Carnival program held in Samba Land gives locals and tourists a chance to party and interact with other people when they are in Rio.

Samba School Rehearsals

The Samba schools that are part of the parade in the Sambodromo during the Carnival have rehearsals all through the year. Watching these schools rehearse has also become an important part of the Rio Carnival program. Their venues and schedules are advertised beforehand so that spectators get a chance to watch them. Samba nights hosted by these schools are also part of the Rio Carnival program and can be attended free of cost. A schedule of the Rio Carnival programs will give you the chance to keep better track of what is happening and when in the wonderful city of Rio. More about samba school rehearsals.

Rio Carnival 2019

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