Popular Samba Schools and Pre Carnival Rehearsals

Discover Wich Are The Popular Samba Schools Of Rio Carnival And How Popular Are Carnival Rehearsals.

The Samba schools and their parades are the most famous and popular part of the Carnival in Rio. This year will be no different with performances from all the Samba schools in Rio. Samba rehearsals are just as popular as the main event itself and can be watched months before the start of the Carnival in 2018.  Rehearsals are held in about every inch of free space that is available including streets, clubhouses and warehouses. Visitors have the opportunity to watch these Samba rehearsals at the Sambodromo and even take part in them if you so desire.

Street Parties or Blocos in Rio Carnival 2018

The Popular Samba Schools

Rio is home to more than a hundred Samba schools and all of them have their own unique parades during the Carnival. Samba rehearsals are held all through the year with the hard work and practice culminating in the Sambodromo on the night of the Samba Parade. Some of the popular schools in Rio are Imperatriz LeopoldinenseUniao da Ilha, PortelaSalgueiro, Beija-Flor, Porto da Pedra, Grande Rio, Vila Isabel, Mocidade, Sao Clemente, Unidos da Tijuca and Mangueira. Most of them have very distinct and elaborate parades that involve a large number of people and Samba rehearsals lasting all year. Nevertheless locals and tourists are allowed to be a part of their parade if you can attend the Samba rehearsals held before the parade.

Samba Rehearsals

During the Carnival and the few months before it, the entire city of Rio becomes a big practice ground for Samba schools. Most of them advertise their Samba rehearsal venues so that people can watch and also practice to be part of the parade during the Carnival. Samba rehearsal schedules are usually posted in public places and most hotels. Cab drivers can easily take you to a school that is having its rehearsal or hosting a Samba night that can be attended free of cost.

Watch Samba Rehearsals at the Sambodromo

Most of the large Samba schools have a hall where their Samba nights are held. Their administrative work is also done here but the production unit is elsewhere and this is where the floats and costumes are made. Samba rehearsals are held in the Sambodromo from as early as November of the previous year. Admission is free of cost and gives you a chance to experience the festive spirit if you are visiting Rio during the non Carnival period. Samba rehearsals in the Sambodromo are sans costumes and floats but are still a treat to watch with all the dancing and music involved.

Taking Part in the Parade

All you have to do to be a part of the Samba parade on the big day is to get yourself the costume of a particular Samba school. This will be available by the beginning of December and can be easily booked online. You will not need to attend any Samba rehearsals if you just want to be part of the procession at the end of each school’s performance.

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