Best Rio Carnival Tickets 2019

What Rio Carnival Ticket is best for you?

There are four types of tickets to the Rio de Janeiro Carnival samba parade.

Rio Carnival Ticket Types What to Consider Sectors Tickets

Grandstands or Bleachers

Best Value. Great bird-eyes views. Tickets not assigned except for Sector 9. There are no seats but a place in the cement. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 9, 10 and 11

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Allocated Chairs or Numbered Chairs

The only really affordable assigned Seats at the Sambadrome. At floor level. Because location is at end of runaway, there are long intervals of 30 to 40 min between parades. 12 and 13

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Front Boxes or Frisas

Best tickets on the house. Not very affordable but comfortable and close to the runaway. Seats assigned in boxes of 6, but individual tickets are sold. Have the budget? Buy these! 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 9, 10 and 11

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Luxury Suites or Camarotes

Buffet service and open bar all night. The window is not big enough to accommodate all guests so you’ve to take turns at window. Little bleachers are placed inside for everybody to see parade.

6 and 8

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What you can do from here?

Buy your Rio Carnival Tickets online now | Contact the Carnival Help Desk.

Tips and Recommendations:

Read the following to protect yourself from fraudulent ticket sales!

  • Purchase your tickets through a reliable source. (travel agents and hotels)
  • Tickets consist of two parts, a magnetic card and a paper slip. Double check that you receive both parts. If you buy tickets for the tables or frisas, you also should receive a plastic card to wear around your neck.
  • Do not purchase tickets from scalpers at the gates.
  • Do not plan on discounted rates or free admission after the parade has started.
  • Do not buy used tickets in hopes that they will get you past the guards.
  • Our Handling fee is only US$10 per ticket, NOT 10%.


Rio Carnival Service

Our Rio Carnival Help Desk is willing to customize a Rio de Janeiro Carnival package for you and your party as well as giving you some very handy tips on costumes, and of course, the Party Planner.

Considering a group of six or more people to Rio de Janeiro for Carnival ? Our Carnival Group Desk will be glad to design your itinerary. Benefit from our Travel Group Rates with major airlines carriers as well as all the hotel and service arrangements while in Brazil


Need Help Selecting Your Carnival Tickets? Our experts can help.

Call 1-866-930-602 from US/CANADA or 44-203-203-353-7909 from UK/Europe.
A Carnival Expert will help you make your choice.

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