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The Carnival in Rio is perhaps the most sought after in all of Brazil and is watched by thousands of people every year. Rio Carnival tickets usually sell out months before the Carnival and so it is important that you book your tickets as soon as possible.

Seating Options for Rio Carnival Tickets

Seating in the Sambodromo is divided in to 4 classes depending on the services it offers. Rio Carnival tickets can be bought depending on the budget you have. The Grandstands are a place in the cement and are the most affordable. The allocated seating area has numbered seats while the open boxes offer seating for 6 with a coffee table. The luxury suites are the most expensive and are ideal for groups of 12 or more. The Rio Carnival tickets for this section include a dinner buffet, drinks, personal waiter and security.


Types of Parade Tickets

The first thing you should consider is the types of tickets you would like to buy. There are four options:

Other names: Arquibancadas, Bleachers (Orange).

Other names: Open Boxes, Frisas (Pink).

Other names: Numbered Chairs, Cadeiras Avulsas, Assigned Chairs (Green). 

Other names: Covered Suites, Camarotes, Private Suites (Blue).

Sambodromo Map


The Rio Sambodromo Sectors

The Rio Sambodromo Sectors

The capacity has been to a total of 80,000. The sectors are from 2-13, all sectors have grandstand seating, the views from the grandstand is just spectacular, all from above. Rio Carnival tickets for the grandstands are the cheapest ones. Sector 9 in the Sambodromo is where most tourists are seated and 10 are best for open boxes. Rio Carnival tickets for sector 11 offers the best view of the drummers and sectors 12 and 13 provide allocated chairs and give you a view of the parade end.

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