Sambadrome Tickets for the Rio Carnival 2019

Get Your Sambadrome Tickets For The 2019 Rio de Janeiro Carnival.

The biggest parade of the Carnival is held in the Sambadrome which is a concrete structure with viewing areas on both sides and the parade passing through the middle. Sambadrome tickets can be quite hard to come by and should be purchased early if you want the best seats.

Sambadrome Tickets for the Rio Carnival 2019

Grandstands or Arquibancadas and Allocated Chairs or Cadeiras Avulsas

Most sectors have the Grandstands which are the unnumbered seating areas. It is based on a first come first serve so be there early with your Sambadrome tickets to get the best view. Sector 9 is the only Grandstand with numbered seating and is mostly occupied by tourists. Sambadrome tickets for allocated seats are available only in sectors 12 and 13 at the end of the parade. They are an affordable alternative to the Grandstands and are more expensive on Carnival Sunday and Monday.

Open Boxes or Frisas and Luxury Suites or Camarotes

The open boxes are closed seating areas for 6 and offer the best value for money. Each sector in the Sambadrome has 4 rows with 4 to 6 boxes in each row. Your Sambadrome tickets offer an excellent view of the parade. The luxury suites offer first class service and are the most expensive. You get the best views but since the seating is a fully enclosed area, the windows are quite small to share with strangers. Buy Sambadrome tickets for this seating only if you are a group of 12 or its multiples.

Rio Carnival 2019

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