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Book the Carnival Parade Tickets to the Sambodromo of Rio de Janeiro

Over a million people visit Rio during the Carnival and the parades are always packed with people. The Sambodromo can accommodate 80,000 people and it is still not enough in most cases. Your Samba parade ticket has to be booked well in time if you are hoping to visit Rio during the Carnival this year. Also remember that it is important to book your Samba parade ticket with a reliable agent to avoid any misunderstandings later.

Book Your Samba Parade Tickets with Us

How to Book Your Samba Parade Ticket

We offer the best deals online and a reliable service that you can trust. Buying a ticket on our site is very easy. Go to the carnival tickets request form and choose the kind of tickets you want and click on "Book my Rio Carnival tickets". On the next page you can select the number of tickets you want as well as Delivery and Round Trip Transfers to Rio Sambodromo along with your Samba parade tickets.

Our Specialty Services

Customer satisfaction is important to us and we make sure that your trip to Rio is an unforgettable experience. Your Samba parade ticket can be bought at the most competitive prices with a handling fee of just $10/ticket. Our agency is IATA licensed and we offer 24 hour support over the phone. We are the only agency that operates a hospitality desk during the Carnival offering the best customer service you can hope for. Book your Samba parade tickets with us and have the best time ever in Rio.

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