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The Brazil Carnival, the grandest of all celebrations is around the corner again. The 2019 Brazil Carnival is expected to be bigger than ever. From Rio to Sao Paulo, Bahia, Recife, and Florianopolis, there Carnival spirit spreads like magic, with each town and city hosting a great party from the March 01st to the March 04th 2019. The greatest spectacle of pageantry attracts tourists from all over the world. Whether you wish to be in Rio at the heart of Carnival celebrations or in other cities around the country, you can be sure of experience the true spirit of the Carnival.

Recife/Olinda – Small Towns with big Carnival Celebrations

The Carnivals in Recife and Olinda have a distinct African influence where thousands gather on the streets to experience the vibrant spirit of the Carnival. The residents welcome visitors to participate whole-heartedly in the Carnival celebrations that begin as early as December. Many of these events provide for perfect family entertainment when on vacation. The Carnival parties in Recife and Olinda continue for six straight nights with the non-stop revelry drawing over a million people. Among the major events is the opening of the Carnival celebrations with the Galo da Madrugada or Rooster of the Dawn event where the frevo and samba get everyone into the mood for revelry. There are many blocos or groups that host street parties, welcoming everyone to join in the fun and excitement. The Night of the Silent Drums is one of the most stirring moments of the Carnival in Recife where drummers pay tribute to the slaves who lost their lives in prison.

The colonial town of Olinda has the most energetic crowds joining in the parades that are held right through the day and night with everyone dancing to the pulsating rhythms of the same. The town is a great place to witness the young and old partying together in the most exotic and often outlandish costumes. The first major celebration begins a fortnight before the Carnival with the Virgens do Bairro Novo de Olinda, a street party that attracts over 200,000 people. The crowd grows larger and more colorful as it marches along the seafront. The Bonecos, giant papier-mâché puppets herald in the Carnival celebrations in Olinda and are the first to parade on Carnival Friday. Pitombeira and Elefantes are the other popular parades. If you are in town on Carnival Friday don’t forget to watch the drag queens and transvestites put up a grand show of their own. The Carnivals in Recife and Olinda have become increasingly popular over the years. Therefore, it is prudent to make your hotel reservations in advance as the cobblestone streets are packed with revelers.

Salvador de Bahia – Experience the African spirit of Carnival Celebrations

Salvador, in the state of Bahia, is another city to experience the true African face of Carnival celebrations. Everyone is involved in the festivities that carry on for a week right up to Ash Wednesday. Street parades and parties are held throughout the city where axè a Brazilian-Afro beat rules, as music and dance continues non-stop throughout the week. Bahian drummers and dancers spin their magic over the million party-goers who can’t help but party till the wee hours. There are hundreds of blocos or street parties that follow specific routes on various days of the Salvador Carnival. Among the popular parades is the Sons of Gandhi or Filhos de Gandhi, a group that promotes brotherhood and peace along the same ideals of Mahatma Gandhi.

The Salvador Carnival follows much the same style as the Rio Carnival with King Momo handed the keys to the city by the mayor on Carnival Thursday. There are 3 main areas with camarotes or special grandstands set up for the convenience of visitors that desire to watch the brilliant spectacle from the sidelines. However, you will need to book your seats in advance. An even better way to enjoy the Salvador Carnival is to join the parade. Among the most popular bands are Timbalada, Psirico, and Olodum that represent the African spirit of the Carnival. These bands parade through the city on motorized floats, gathering a huge following along the way as people get into the Carnival mood. To join these parades all you need is to purchase an abadá or T-shirt that represents the band or Trios Eletricos. The Batatinha Circuit, Campo Grande Circuit, and the Barra-Ondina Circuit are the three main parade routes. While the former features a Brazilian-Afro religious group and followers of candomble, the Barra-Ondina Circuit and the Campo Grande Circuit have the best blocos throughout the week. Many of these blocos alternate their routes on different days of the Carnival in Salvador. The Carnival attracts a large number of visitors from around the globe. Just make sure to book your reservations as early as possible.

Sao Paulo – a Carnival celebration with its own flair

While the Brazilians don’t need an excuse to samba, Carnival fever spreads throughout Sao Paulo as early as January. The city has some of the best samba musician and vivacious samba dancers that stamp their authority on the entertainment world for over a week. The Anhembi Sambadrome matches up to the one in Rio in terms of revelry during the Carnival with parades by the top samba schools including Unidos do Peruche, Gavioes da Fiel, Vai-Vai, and many more. The Afro-Brazilian flavor of the Carnival is represented by two afoxé groups. Thousands of visitors flock to the Anhembi on Carnival Friday and Saturday, the two main days of competition where the top samba schools vie for the prestigious championship title.

The 30,000 strong spectators are kept on their feet all night as the mesmerizing beats of the samba keep the crowds enthralled all night. Tickets include private boxes with seating arrangements for 25. Among the famous street parties or blocos where the excitement is just as hot are Banda do Trem Elétrico and Bantantã. You can expect to find the biggest crowds at these events. Several restaurants and hotels host Carnival balls, which include Avenida Club and Bar Brahma, two hotspots during the Carnival.

Florianopolis – for a gay-friendly Carnival

Carnival parties continue with gay abandon in Florianopolis that has visitors from all over the globe on this little piece of paradise that boasts of 42 pristine beaches. The city is a great place for gay and lesbian travelers seeking to experience the best of the Carnival. During Carnival week the city plays host to several samba parades, gay festivals, and impromptu parties with live bands at almost every street corner. Carnival celebrations reach its peak at the Florianopolis Sambadrome where well known samba schools such as Copa Lord, Consulado, and União da Ilha da Magia put up the most spectacular performances with live bands, motorized floats, and samba dancers that send everyone into a Carnival trance.

Tickets are available for the two grandstands. However, you will need to hurry since they are limited. The Pop Gay Festival at Tancredo Neves Square is one of the biggest gay events during the Florianopolis Carnival, drawing over 50,000 gays and lesbians and plenty of straight people who are welcome to join in the fun and excitement. The traditional Blocos dos Sujos takes place on Carnival Sunday where cross dressed men parade through the city along with their families. While the samba schools get ready for their big day, it is time for you to make your reservations for the Florianopolis Carnival.

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