Rio Carnival 2019 Dates: March 01st Through March 04th

Get To Know What Is Rio Carnival All About.

The Carnival season is a celebration of joy, peace, and camaraderie. To experience the intensity of Rio Carnival there is nothing like booking a ticket to the Sambadrome and other popular events. Be prepared to be part of the frenzied celebrations that reaches its crescendo during the Champions Parade at the Sambadrome.

Rio Carnival

Experience carnival festivities at Rio samba parades

Earlier, the streets of Rio played host to the Rio Carnival until the Sambadrome, designed by the famous Carioca architect Oscar Niemeyer, came into existence in 1984 due to the increase in the number of participants. The Sambadrome is a well designed stadium that can accommodate 80,000 spectators and over 30,000 participants displaying their talents down the runway. It consists of several independent structures, known as sectors, on both sides of Marquês de Sapucaí Avenue.

Spread over 5 days leading up to Lent in the Christian Calendar, the Rio Carnival portrays Brazilian culture at its best. Samba Parades are held on four days where the top performances are by six samba schools on Sunday and the other six on Monday, each vying for the coveted champion's title.

The Samba Parade at the Sambadrome is a well orchestrated event, with contributions from thousands of people that ensure the event is a resounding success every year. A panel of around 40 judges seated at strategic points along the parade route keeps a keen eye on each school's performance, giving points for percussion, costumes, floats, samba song, flag bearer, theme of the year, and more. The winner is announced on Ash Wednesday, the day after the Carnival. Flaunt your talent in a flamboyant carnival costume

Samba Schools – The heart of the Rio Carnival

The Rio Carnival wouldn't exist without the contribution of samba schools formed by groups of people from various communities in the city. Men, women, and children from each neighborhood come together irrespective of their social status to design and construct everything required for the Samba Parade, including composition of their individual samba theme song. Each school has its own set of dancers, musicians, and a team of choreographers who along with the costume designers and float builders create a unique performance for the Samba Parade. While the competitive spirit of each school remains strong, it does not lessen the camaraderie as each school vies for the championship title at the Sambadrome. Their enthusiasm at the Carnival is unmatched and rarely experienced at any other event on the planet.

Carnival Tickets sell out soon

Carnival tickets are always in great demand since many people desire to experience the magic of the extravaganza in its entirety. While everyone in Rio wants to be a part of the celebrations, people from all over the world are equally anxious about reserving a seat at the Sambadrome. With only 80,000 seats available at the stadium, you need to book your carnival tickets well in advance. The price for tickets varies according to the type of seating and the schools parading on a particular night. Tickets in the grandstand sectors are cheaper than the other seating options.

In addition to the Samba Parade at the Sambadrome, tickets are also available for the equally glamorous carnival balls like the Magic Ball at the Copacabana Beach Hotel, and the other popular events including the Gay Ball at Scala. Tickets to some balls are hard to get while others are readily available on the day of the event.

Street Parties – The life of the Carnival

Revelers are always welcome to join the street parties that take place at every corner in the city. Most street parties begin at a street corner or a bar and march through the city, gathering a frenzied group of revelers along the way.

At the center of every street party are bands that lead the parades. Among the most popular street parties is the Banda de Ipanema, which attracts a large gay crowd. The Simpatia é Quase Amor street party is more of a family oriented event ideal for the kids to join in. These bands compose their own samba songs with the samba drummers providing the foot stomping beats to keep the thousands of revelers dancing to their rhythms.Street parties begin as early as January and continue until the end of the Carnival.

Street Parties

Rio Carnival – A treat for everyone

The Rio Carnival is not about exposing plenty of flesh and adult partying. The festivities include activities suited for families, couples, group travelers, and members of alternative lifestyles. The Children's Parade at the Sambadrome is one of the events where the future samba professionals display their own talents. Children are always welcome at street parties with plenty of fun and excitement for them.

Soak in the sun at Rio's famous beaches

Rio is known for its pristine, sun kissed beaches that include the famous Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leblon. Surrounding the beaches are magnificent mountains and tropical rainforests that offer the most picturesque settings. The beaches of Rio have something for everyone. You can choose to relax and soak in the sun with a few caipirinhas to quench your thirst, play soccer with the local, go surfing, or simply enjoy building sand castles with the kids.

Amidst all the frenzy of the Rio Carnival, the city's beaches offer you the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate before the sun sets and the parties continue. Other beaches popular with families are Leme, Barra, Recreio, and Prainha, each one with its distinct characteristics. For stunning views of the sunset, a visit to Arpoador beach is a must.

Exciting tailor-made Rio Carnival packages

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Rio Carnival 2019

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