The Rio Carnival and Parading Etiquette

Parading Etiquette For The Rio Carnival - When Should You Be At Sambadrome, What Should You Carry And More.

As exciting as the Rio de Janeiro Carnival is, there are certain elements of parading etiquette that you should keep in mind. Without a question, you will not want your performance to be less enthralling and perfect while millions of people are watching both live and on TV throughout the world. If you keep a few simple pointers in mind, you can be rest assured that your performance will be dazzling, and that you will be a credit to your school.

The Rio Carnival and Parading Etiquette

Parading Etiquette for the Rio Carnival

Do not wear your costume before the parade

Even though each costume is created with care, they can easily be ruined. If you are going to march with a specific Samba School, arriving with a damaged costume will result in disqualification, as well as be a prime element of poor parading etiquette. Overall, the best way to protect your costume is to wear it only on the day you will be parading.

Do not drink alcoholic beverages

Alcohol is actually prohibited both before and during the parade events, since you will not be in full control of your reflexes. It should also be noted that marching in the Rio Carnival can be an exhausting event, and drinking alcohol can easily cause you to pass out. Aside from violating parading etiquette, an event of this nature would also cause your school to lose valuable points.

Valuable Items

Since there are no changing rooms, you will have to arrive at the Sambadrome wearing your costume. You should avoid carrying money or other valuable items as part of parading etiquette. At most, you can keep your passport copy or ID card in a small pouch, and conceal it beneath your costume. You may also want to bring a small amount of money in order to buy water during the day.

Transportation to the Sambadrome

On the day of the parade, you will meet at a pre-designated place with other members of your school. It will be of immense benefit to discuss with them transportation arrangements. Alternatively, if you are looking for a cheap, safe way to get to the Sambadrome, you can always take the subway. Regardless of the transportation method, parading etiquette dictates you should plan on arriving at least 2 hours before the parade in order to practice and warm up.

Taking Part in the Competition and Parading Etiquette

Even as you are celebrating by being part of the parade, your school will also be competing for top rank in the Samba Schools. In order to help your school win, you should make it a point to remain energetic, smile often while marching, and follow instructions provided by the school director. You should also make sure that you do not fall during the parade or lose parts of your costume. If you do not know how to march, or sing your Samba song, good parading etiquette says you can at least move your lips, and try to follow what the person in front of you does.

Parading Etiquette: Have Fun and Stay Vibrant

Most people taking part in the Rio Carnival indicate that drinking plenty of water or fruit juice and eating salads makes it easier to keep energy levels high. Regardless of what you eat during the day, always remember to have fun and share your joyful expressions as you dance and sing with other members of your school.

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