Rio Carnival 2019: Prepare to Parade

Prepare To Parade And Help Your School Win Having A Great Time.

There is no question that Rio de Janeiro's 4 day Carnival is known throughout the world as being one of the most vibrant spectacular celebrations. This four-day festival, which takes place at the beginning of Lent, offers beautiful music, lively dance, and poetry that easily rival the greatest masters of all time. If you are planning to attend the "Carnaval" as it is called in Portuguese, you should prepare to parade like never before.

Prepare to Parade in the 2019 Rio Carnival

Prepare to Parade in the 2019 Rio Carnival

Can you imagine what it will feel like to dress up in scintillating costumes, and then march before crowds that range well over 500,000 people? Each year, students of the Samba schools experience these wonders as they dress up in themed costumes prepared just for the Rio Carnival. While you prepare to parade, you should make no mistake in estimating that the 2019 Carnival will be no exception when it comes to excitement and large crowds.

How to Choose the Right Costume as you prepare to Parade

When you prepare to parade in front of thousands of people, choosing the best costume is more important than ever. As a participant in the Rio Carnival, you will be assigned to a specific Samba School, or "wing" of the parade. Each wing is composed of over 200 people on the ground, plus additional people in the floats. Individuals that choose to dance on the ground will receive the same costume as others surrounding that specific float. If you want to wear a costume that is unique and even more glamorous, then you can purchase one that will let you be in the float. Regardless of the costume you choose, it is very important to place your order ahead of time. You will also need to make sure that you can go to the Ipanema or Copacabana on the March 01st or 02nd of March 2019 to pick up your costume.

You Can Help Your School Win and Prepare to Parade at the Same Time

You Can Help Your School Win and Prepare to Parade at the Same Time

Even though the Samba School is often mentioned in reference to the Rio Carnival, it is not an established institution. Rather, it refers to the communal nature of the celebration. Typically, a whole neighborhood will work together to help those marching in the parade prepare for the event. If you are interested in attending Samba nights, you are sure to appreciate all the fun you will have as you prepare to parade. Without a question, if you are going to take part, the Samba Nights will help you keep your energy levels high during the celebration.

During the celebration days, you can, and should arrive at the parade grounds at least two hours early. Warming up will make your day easier, as well as give you a chance to practice marching and singing with others as they prepare to parade. Even if you do not know how to march, at least you will be able to enjoy singing your special Samba Song.

Rio Carnival 2019

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