Barra da Tijuca

Good Options of Malls, Restaurants, Clubs and a Very Good Beach

Barra da Tijuca or simply Barra is Rio de Janeiro's youngest locality. It is situated to the southwest of Rio. Here everything is jumbo-sized. The seashore is 18 kilometers long. The Convention Center and the shopping mall in Barra is the biggest in all of Latin America. Here you will see more hypermarkets rather than supermarkets. There are a myriad opportunities to have fun at the theme parks, beaches and natural reserves. People from all around Brazil settle in Barra. You can find actors, models and football players who are all attracted to the deluxe condominiums

Sports at the Barra Beach

The beach is a treat for all. You can play all sorts of games here. If you opt for tennis you can play at the 'Rio Sports Center' or go to the 'Golden Green Golf Club' for a game of golf. Water sports like board surfing, kite surfing and body boarding are very popular. There are a number of surfing schools where you can rent out a surfing kit. There are also instructors who can help you to learn the sport. Surfing Championships like the 'Circuito Petrobas and 'Rio Marathon Surf International' are all held at the Barra beach. Most venues of the 2017 Olympics will be at the Barra beach.

Around Barra Beach

Around Barra Beach

You can spend a lot of time at the Barra beach with the beautiful blue sea washing the shore. 'Downtown Mall' is the place where locals flock to the cafes, shops and cinemas. A popular spot is the 'Pepe' beach and 'Cabana do Pepe' is a popular sandwich shop.

Fun-time Activities

Rio Water Planet is regarded as the biggest aquatic park in all of Latin America. Waterfalls, rafting rivers and artificial beaches are found in the Barra beach. The 'Chico Mendes Ecological Park' is a 40 acre park that is almost ecologically perfect. It endeavors to teach visitors the importance of protecting the environment. You can watch endangered species such as a tortoise with a red foot, a sloth with three toes, a caiman with a broad nose etc.
The Barra Woods is another ecological park where you can experience the serene and tranquil atmosphere.

Shopping in Barra

Barra shopping mall is a very big mall with more than 500 shops. Besides this there are other entertainment services such as cinemas, restaurants and a theme park. You will find most of the malls on 'Americas Avenue'. Shopping is exciting here as you'll find many such as international labels, chain stores, designer wear etc.

Cosmopolitan Cuisine

Barra is noted for its dining areas which specialize in country themes. 'Koskenkorva' is one such Scandinavian restaurant. It is noted for its seafood but also has varied options for salads. Stambul is another restaurant which specializes in Arabic food. Therefore, if you want to tickle your taste buds then Barra is the place to be.

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