Great Nightlife: Bars, Restaurants and Nightclubs, but also Museums and a Beutiful View of Rio

Botafogo is a traditional neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. The regions of Copacabana and Laranjeira are close to Botafogo bordered by the hillocks of Morro de Sao Joao and Mundo Novo. The neighborhood is called by this name after Joao Pereira de Sousa Botafogo, the Portuguese who was involved in creating the weaponry of the well-known Botafogo galleon. This region is known for several mansions, some of which are standing even to this day.

The Cultural Heritage of Botafogo


Besides the grandeur and a bustling nightlife, Botafogo is noted for its cultural activities. Occupying a striking 19th century stately home, the 'Museu do Indio' has a good collection of relics showing Brazil's varied indigenous groups. On display are conventional costumes, musical instruments, hunting and cooking equipments and books and papers that give details of the life of the ancient tribes. There is also a section for kids.

In 1961, another grand museum called the 'Villa Lobos' was built after the renowned Heitor Villa Lobos. He devoted his life studying Brazilian music. The museum was set up with the aim of preserving the works of this great musician including the piano that he used to compose.
'Rui Barbosa' is a museum built in the neoclassical style. This is a museum of research and certification. Rui Barbosa was a well-known jurist, journalist and politician who died in 1923 and lived in the museum till then.

The Refreshing Sands of Botafogo Beach

This beach is a pleasant small sand strip on Guanabara Bay. The 'Sugar Loaf Mountain' and the 'Urca peninsula' can be viewed from here and you'll enjoy taking in these breathtaking sights. With a concentration of cinemas, cafes and theatres that show art films, Botafogo has a conventional tone.

Pasmado Overview

The Pasmado point in Botafogo awaits visitors who journey up at daybreak or late in the afternoon when the sunlight is just right to capture panoramic views of Rio. This is something you'll remember for the rest of your life so it's definitely worth a visit.

Carnival Time in Botafogo

'Barbas' which means beard is a bloco or street band in Botafogo. This popular Carnival bloco belonged to the bearded correspondent 'Nelson Rodrigues Filho'. Starting from 'Rua Arnaldo Quintela', the parade is held on Saturday of the Carnival week. Its major attraction is a water truck that cools the revelers on the lanes of Botafogo.

Eating Places

'Yoruba' in Botafogo is an exotic restaurant that serves a mix of African-Brazilian food in a contemporary style. If you wish to have French cuisine you can go to bistro 'Careme' which is noted for its organic ingredients and its delicious desserts. 'Adega do Valentim' is a Portuguese restaurant that serves traditional stews. You should try the 'bolinhos do bacalhau' which is a popular dish here.

Night-time Fun

Casa da Matriz is a very popular nightclub in Botafogo. It has a very relaxed ambience as the club is in a house with several rooms, dance floors and bars. You get the feeling of a house party with a lot of interaction and lively music. The club has two important dance floors. At Pista 3, you can dance to the tunes of a fusion of rock and electronica music. There are several bars, the main one on the ground floor and other small ones in the second level. You'll certainly enjoy every minute of your time in Botafogo.

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