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In the southern zone of Rio de Janeiro is Copacabana which is one of the most exciting places to visit. Copacabana with its 4km long beach is one of the most popular beaches in the world. This destination has been the hotspot for tourists as there are innumerable hotels, superior restaurants and bars and stylish nightclubs that are all around the place.


The Clean Sands of Copacabana

Affectionately known as the 'Princess of the Sea', the Copacabana beach is a stretch of 4km and is packed by tourists all through the year. The clean and glistening sands are home to many big events such as the world championships of beach soccer and volleyball. Along the shores are exciting activities and attractions. A few kiosks sell crispy snacks and cool drinks. Roberto Burle Marx designed the avenue adjoining the beach, thereby adopting Portuguese patterns.

Copacabana Beach Turns into a Party Hall on New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve at the Copacabana beach is rated the second biggest party in the world, a party that attracts about two million people from around the world. At the stroke of midnight, fireworks fill the night sky which looks vibrant and magnificent. People here believe that white is a lucky color and so they adorn themselves in white garments and offer white flowers to the Sea Goddess – Yemanja. The beach on this day is full of life as entertainment shows are held. Leading stars and rock groups such as Rod Stewart, The Rolling Stones and Lenny Kravitz have all entertained millions of fans who flock the Copacabana beach.

The Copacabana Palace Hotel

Located close to downtown Rio, the Copacabana Palace Hotel is one of the premier hotels in South America. You can have a good view of the Copacabana beach if you stay at the penthouse or some of the premier rooms. Royal visitors include Queen Elizabeth and other international stars such as Rock Hudson, Walt Disney and Eva Peron. This hotel was the venue for shootings held for the film 'Flying to Rio' starring Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.

Historical Monuments to Visit in Copacabana

The Fundacao Eva Klabin Rappaport in Copacabana is an art museum set up by the Brazilian collector for preserving and exhibiting about 1000 pieces that she gathered during her life. The collection includes paintings, sculptures, antiquities, oriental rugs, jewelry and silverware from ancient Greece, Egypt and China.

Built in 1908, Fort de Copacabana was initially a base for the army but now is used as a center for cultural activities. This impressive edifice in Copacabana has fortified concrete walls which are 39ft thick and guns that can fire shells up to 23km. The fort's museum exhibits the paraphernalia used by the armed forces.

Cushioned between Copacabana's hills is the neighborhood of Bairro Peixoto which comprises a small community that sets them apart from the hectic environment of Copacabana. The houses in Bairro Peixoto have a neo-colonial style, most of them being 4-storey buildings. It still remains a quiet place of tree-lined streets where you can see the elderly relax in a game of chess and the children playing in the gardens.

Fisherman's Corner in the Copacabana beach is ideal for those who love fishing. You can watch the fishermen work hard on the nets which has been Rio's main activity. Those who crave for seafood can satisfy themselves at the Fisherman's corner.

Night Clubs and their Activities

The Fosfobox nightclub in Copacabana is a new club that specializes in electronic sound. The club is always buzzing with music lovers who can also spend time at the bars. One of them serves multi-colored cocktails, the other only beer. Bunker 94 is one of the oldest and most classic night clubs.

Copacabana has several gay night clubs such as Le boy and La girl. This is situated next to Bunker 94. These night clubs are always very active. There is also another night club called Copa Gay. This disco is a gay resort that serves some enticing local and common drinks. The Mariuzinn - a salsa club has a friendly ambience and you can see people dancing away in high spirits.

The Carnival Ball and Street Bands

A 'Magic Ball' at the grand hotel called Copacabana Palace is the most exciting event of the night and the most popular Rio Carnival ball. Formal dressing or black tie/evening dress is mandatory or a fabulous costume can also be your option, guests include both local and international VIPs.
Rio Carnival street bands are very famous and favored by everyone in Copacabana. Bands normally take a particular route and revelers join them. A popular band called Monobloco stage their performance in the weekend after the Carnival. Another band called Rancho Flor do Sereno displays their talent on Carnival Monday. These two bands pass through Avenida Atlantica. Shrove Carnival and Bip Bip are other street bands that congregate at Bip Bip bar.

Appetizing Eat-outs

Copacabana has a number of eat-outs that cater to people of different budgets and tastes. The Don Camillo is an Italian restaurant that serves mouth-watering seafood and crusty thin pizzas. You can enjoy a sumptuous meal with a live band playing conventional Italian music.

At the Siri Mole Brazilian restaurant in Copacabana, the popular dish is the 'moqueca de siri' which is a Bahian stew that is a combination of coconut milk and seafood. For this dish you have the option of picking a lobster, squid, fish or the siri mole crab.

Towering 37 storeys, the Le Meridien Hotel in Copacabana is situated in the center of Rio de Janeiro. The Le Saint Honore restaurant is one of the best French-Brazilian gourmet restaurants dishing out scrumptious American fish called the 'surubim' and the fried lamb fillet. The ambience here is both sophisticated and warm. This eatery has been touted as the best French bistro in Rio.
The 'Bakers' restaurant in Copacabana is an interesting place for gorgers and dieters. They offer some of the best pies, cookies, rolls and cakes. You can also get Italian or American sandwiches at the fast- food counter.

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