Visit Flamengo Park, the Museums and Bars

The district of Flamengo is a vivacious neighborhood between Botafogo and Centro. Some say that this district got its name from the attractive pink birds which were found in large numbers in this area during the time of the Portuguese. Others say that it was called so because the Flemish captives of war were detained here in the 1700s.


Parque do Flamengo

When you talk of Flamengo, you at once relate it to the popular Flamengo Park which is a historic landmark in Brazil. Officially the park is called 'Parque Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes' but Cariocas refer to it as 'Aterro'. The park is the biggest landscape in Brazil covering 1,200,000 square meters reclaimed from the Bay of Guanabara.

Designed by Burle Marx, the well-known landscaper, the Flamengo Park has thousands of trees of various species. It also has three museums and a statue of Cuauhtemoc, the Emperor of Aztec is erected here.
The Flamengo Park stages almost every kind of outdoor sports and is the finishing point of most marathons. Additionally, it is also an important sector of the Cycling Race of Rio. The Flamengo Park will host the 2017 Olympics for walking race and road cycling events.

Museums and Monuments in the Flamengo Park

The 'Museu Carmen Miranda' to the south of 'Parque do Flamengo' is named after the actress and singer Carmen Miranda. It contains more than 3000 objects used by her which include garments, accessories, turbans and shoes.

In the Flamengo Park the 'World War II Monument', is a distinctive structure. This was built as a tribute to the Brazilian warriors who died fighting the war in Italy. The memorial contains the 'Tomb of the Unknown Soldier' and the remains of the soldiers buried originally in Italy. It also has a museum with some artifacts.
The 'Museu da Republica' was formerly the 'Catete Palace' which served as the presidential head office of the nation. In 1960 it was turned into museum. This opulent palace in Flamengo is a great monument of historical and architectural significance.

There are many rooms here such as the Venetian, Banquette and Moorish rooms that display their vintage French and Brazilian furniture. It also contains paintings of artists such as Gustavo dall'Ara, Rodolfo Amoedo and others. The sculptures of Rodolfo Bernadelli and the porcelain and chandeliers show the intricate work of the artists of the time. The private presidential rooms are on top which also includes that of Getulio Vargas who killed himself in 1954.

A Cultural Center and a Restaurant

An ancient mansion houses the 'Casa de Arte e Cultura Julieta de Serpa' in Flamengo. It is now a cultural center which conducts concerts and exhibitions of all types from art to fashion and jewelry. It also has a fine restaurant where you can get very good tea and snacks at 'Salao D' Or'. The 'Blason' restaurant provides a French ambience where you can relax and eat.

Carnival Bands and Blocos

There are a number of bands and blocos in Flamengo. This includes the Bloco de Brejeito and 'Bloco Cachorro Cansado', the 'Larga A Onca' and the 'E do Pandeiro' bands.

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