Jardim Botanico

Famous for the Botanic Garden, the Lagoon and Restaurants

A residential district of Rio de Janeiro, Jardim Botanico is situated in the northern side of Ipanema. Lying in the prosperous South Zone, this locality is peaceful and undisturbed. It is called by this name as it flourished around the well-known 'Botanical Garden'. Jardim Botanico is home to the middle and upper class who reside in individual houses and the rich stay in colonial style homes.

The Lush and Green Botanical Garden

Botanic Garden

The main attraction in Jardim Botanico is the 'Botanical Garden' which is a huge expanse of 350 acres of well-preserved greenery. There are more than 6500 species of flora from Brazil and other parts of the world. The collection includes rubber trees, bromeliads, cocoa trees, royal palms and even carnivorous plants. Nestled amongst the flora are monuments, sculptures and statues besides lakes and fountains. Jardim Botanico also has a research institute that is involved in botanical studies.

Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon

Near to Jardim Botanico is the impressive 'Rodrigo de Freitas' lagoon which is linked to the ocean by a channel. The lagoon is surrounded by an alleyway which is 7.5km long that invite the sightseer to go jogging, cycling or walking. The lagoon is surrounded by a huge multi-sports complex and a big rink for roller-skating. There are many parks around the lagoon where concerts are conducted.

A food court that surrounds the lagoon has a number of kiosks that serve a wide-ranging cuisine including Mediterranean, Italian and Arabian dishes besides local food. The live bands that perform add excitement to the informal ambience around.

Check Out Eating Places in Jardim Botanico

Jardim Botanico has a number of good restaurants that offer you your money's worth. 'Da Graca' is an exciting place to eat. The excitement is all the more in going there to see the decor because it is colorfully decorated in a hippie like style. It's unique in every sense as you have the advantage of mixing and matching small dishes in the menu.

'Couve Flor' is another exclusive restaurant in Jardim Botanico where you can order by the kilo. It started in the mid-80s and continues to adopt this system. 'Couve Flor' goes further to offer an amazing choice of dishes including 20 varieties of grilled meat and salads. The lunch buffet on weekends is even more elaborate offering a selection of 15 desserts.

'Capricciosa' is a great trendy pizza joint that is frequented by the hip and rich people of Jardim Botanico. A wood-burning kiln turns out scrumptious pizzas of various flavors. Those who wish to have a more intimate ambience can select the wine tavern which is away from the bustling dining area.
Carnival Experience in Jardim Botanico

'Suvaco de Cristo' meaning 'Armpit of Christ' is a popular bloco that parades through Jardim Botanico. It is called so because the neighborhood lies beneath the arms of the huge statue of 'Christ the Redeemer' which is a landmark in Brazil. The bloco takes the route below the statue as it parades along the lanes of Jardim Botanico. Its colors are silver, green and blue.

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