Leblon is a Chic Neighborhood With Good Options of Nightclubs and Bars

The land of Leblon starts where the neighborhood of Ipanema ends. It is one of the most chic neighborhoods of Rio. Upper (also called Alto) Leblon is the preferred neighborhood as most of the rich and eminent people of Rio live here. Lower (also known as Baixo) Leblon has a Bohemian touch because this is where the great Bohemian movement began. It is here that people congregate as all the entertainment is in this region.


The Sands of Leblon

The beach in Leblon is Brazil's pride as it is an exclusive beach. It offers a number of activities for everyone. You can see mothers with babies meet at 'Baixo Bebe'. Others come for relaxation or to play some sport as the sand here is very fine. 'Capoeira' is a martial art that is a blend of Brazilian and African style. As evening draws, people flock to the beach to watch the flexible movements of this great art.

The Botequins

The local bars in Brazil are called 'Botequins'. The Leblon bar has a warm ambience where cold beer and crunchy snacks are served. The bar also serves salad and steak sandwiches. People have an enjoyable time having food and chatting about football or politics.

Bracarense in Leblon is an impressive bar that is more than 50 years old. Its specialty is jerked beef sprinkled with onions. Snacks like small pies and croquettes are popular. Jobi is another old pub. 'Feijoada' is the favored dish. For those who love to party late, this is ideal as it remains open until 4.30 a.m.

The Farmer's Market in Leblon is held on Thursdays on 'Rua General Urquiza'. You get fresh products here and a visit will enable you to feel the spirit of the locals. A variety of things are available ranging from bread and cheese to jams and cakes. The market is open early morning and close once the stocks finish.


Leblon boasts of the Plataforma, which is liked by most of the tourists. This club has a steakhouse that was the favorite of Tom Jobim. The cheese roll called 'Pao de queijo' is a popular dish and you should also not miss the 'Kiki' which is a salad. The Club also hosts the Samba show all the nights. 'Guapo Loco' which is a Mexican restaurant is favored by the locals.

At Academia da Cachaca in Leblon you can taste Brazil's national drink. Melt is a posh lounge bar. The dance floor here mixes hip-hop music with samba.

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