All about Marquês de Sapucaí Avenue, the Sambodromo

The Sambadrome Marques de Sapucai also known as Sambodromo in Portuguese is a stadium built to seat visitors during the annual Samba Parade. It has an avenue where the artists parade during the competitive Rio carnival.

The Sambodromo was designed in 1984 by Oscar Niemeyer. The avenue is 700 m long and is a permanent parade ground. You can peruse through the various events and places in this area.

Entertainment at the Sambodromo

The ever famous Brazilian dance – the samba, it is said started in Downtown Rio in an African freedwoman's house. It is in this site that the Sambodromo stands today. The samba rehearsals take place at the quadras (courts) where the locals gather to practice.
Samba de Salao which is the ballroom samba is a great sensuous dance for a couple. The samba parlours called 'gafieiras' is the right place to practice your samba and salsa dance steps. The Estudantina is the oldest parlor and while you are at the Sambodromo, a visit to this parlor is a must.

Campo de Santana Park

The Park at Campo de Santana is vast stretch of greenery located in downtown Centro close to Sambodromo. It is a park covering 155,000sq.m with various types of trees. There are lakes and numerous fountains. While in the park you are sure to spot some agoutis (a hamster like rodent). You can also find ducks, swans, peacocks and marmosets. There is a monument erected in honor of Benjamin Constant.

Praca 15 de Novembro

Another attraction near Sambodromo is a square with ancient monuments called the Praca 15 de Novembro. The Tiradentes Palace and the Imperial Palace are some of them. The Espaco Cultural da Marinha is a museum built to remember Rio's seafaring people. This is also a popular market where you can find anything from antique furnishings to garments and accessories.

Sao Bento Monastery

Dedicated to St. Benedict, the Sao Bento Monastery is located in Rio's center and close to Sambodromo. The architecture of this great monument is breathtaking. In contrast to the richness of the interior, the exterior has a very unassuming appearance. The peace and tranquility experienced in this monastery is ineffable.

Cidade do Samba

Located in Gamboa and not far away from the Sambodromo is Cidade do Samba which is the float and costume manufacturing center of Rio de Janeiro. If you take a tour of the Samba factory you can watch how the costumes and floats are made. You can even buy Carnival souvenirs if you wish.
The Liga Independente das Escolas de Samba is the main association that co-ordinates the carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

Places to Dine

After a hard day's work, the locals of Rio relax with a mug of beer and some light food. In the neighborhood of Sambodromo is Beco das Sardinhas which is the perfect place to enjoy delicious crispy fried sardines which the locals refer to as 'chicken of the sea'.
Bar Luiz in Centro is one of Rio's oldest bars. It is not only a bar but it also dishes out sumptuous German food which includes Kassler (smoked ribs) Eisbein (pork) and a variety of sausages.

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