Sao Conrado

Sao Conrado is the Place for Hang-gliding, Paraglinding and Shopping

Flanked by the localities of Gavea and Barra da Tijuca on either side is the affluent neighborhood of Sao Conrado. It has several sophisticated buildings, stylish restaurants and nightclubs. This up-market suburb is where the mayor lives and also the wealthy and renowned people including Rio's stars of the entertainment industry. 'Academicos da Rocinha Samba School' situated in Sao Conrado, is relatively a new school but it has grown because of its originality and structure.

Pepino Beach

The 'Sao Conrado beach' also called the 'Pepino beach', is truly a lovely beach dotted by scenic spots. It is also famous for its gigantic sea swells which enable experienced surfers to have an exhilarating time. The Sao Conrado beach is generally not suitable for swimming. It is normally packed on weekends where both the locals and tourists either eat or have a drink at the various bars and restaurants on the beach.

Sports of a Different Kind

The mountains on the coast of Sao Conrado offer a favorable environment for the two sports, hang-gliding and paragliding. Hang gliding is well-liked by both the locals and tourists in Sao Conrado. Paragliding too is popular and is usually assisted by experts. The starting point is the Tijuca Reservation and the rain forest of the Atlantic. Tandem gliding offers you the most amazing and thrilling ways to have a panoramic view of Rio de Janeiro. You can cover a wide expanse from the National park to the Sugar Loaf Mountain and from the 'Favela of Rocinha' which is the largest slum of South America, to the lavish mansions. Hang gliding guarantees an adventure that will enable you to experience the multiplicity of not only Sao Conrado but also Rio. The beach is normally the point where the gliders land.

If you like trekking, scaling the 'Pedra da Gavea' should be in your itinerary. Situated between Barra da Tijuca and Sao Conrado, 'Pedra da Gavea' is a huge granite mountain that is 842 meters above the Atlantic. The trek is only for those who have experience as it is exhausting and one portion includes rock climbing. It is advisable to use a guide who will also explain the legends behind this great mountain.
'Pedra Bonita' in Sao Conrado is an option for those folks who don't enjoy rock climbing. This mountain is easily accessible by car and is the starting point for those interested in hang gliding. The view from this mountain too is breathtaking. One of them apparently is a carved face of a giant, formed by wind speed.

High-End Shopping

'Sao Conrado Fashion Mall' is the favorite haunt of the rich and fashion- conscious of Rio. This mall is home to more than 130 stores displaying both international and national designers. Some of them are Versace, Jean- Paul Gauthier, Emporio Armani etc. It is for those who have the money to splurge as most of the stores have the high-end clothes. The food court is excellent and considered the locality's best with several high quality restaurants. If you are lucky you may even spot Brazilian film stars who often shop here.

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