Visit the World-famous Samba City

Samba City, Where Workshops and Float Producing Units of Samba Schools Are

Nestled amidst the Docklands of Rio lies the Cidade do Samba, fondly called as ‘city of Samba’. The city comprises of huddles of float producing units and workshops of popular Samba Schools in Brazil carefully laid out on a rambling ninety three thousand square meters of fine earth. It serves as a hub of all excitement associated with the Carnival.

Get a free feel of the festivity mood at Rio de Janeiro - the international party capital. You can visit the Samba city all year long but the best time extends from November to February, which is the Carnival time. The city of Samba can be visited everyday from ten in the morning to five in the evening with Tuesdays as exceptions.

Attractions of Samba City

Samba City Attractions

There are fourteen huge factories in the city, which are enthusiastic in making floats, masks, costumes and various Carnival items. In addition to this, there are numerous workshops to learn percussion, samba music and samba dance. Visitors can try out the fascinating costumes and dance with troops at the dance shows. Often, at the Brazilian Carnival fest there are galleries with dance tables meant for visitors. The sight is awesome with daylong reverberations of samba music and beats in the city. Make sure you don’t miss swaying to the tunes of the Samba while you’re here.

Samba Schools Located at Cidade do Samba

There are numerous blocks and factories, which are devoted to the Samba Schools. In the City of Samba, blocks are numbered one to fourteen meant for effortless accessibility. Expert guides can take you around the dance galleries, samba schools and factories. The schools and clock location are given below;

1st Block; the Rio Samba schools’ Workshop, 2nd Block; Viradouro, 3rd Block; Portela, 4th  Block; Grande Rio, 5th Block; Vila Isabel, 6th  Block; Porto da Pedra, 7th  Block; Imperio Serrano, 8th  Block; Salgueiro, 9th  Block; Association Samba Schools in Rio, 10th Block 10; Mocidade, 11th Block Beija-Flor, 12th Block; Unidos da Tijuca, 13th Block; Mangueira and 14th Block; Imperatriz.

Forcas da Natureza

If you are in the city of Samba early for the Rio Carnival, be sure to attend the ‘Powers of Nature’ Samba show also known under the name of Forcas da Natureza. This spectacular show has a theme that revolves around the preservation of the environment, raising concerns and pondering upon the need for a safe environment. Be it serious, funny, political or practical, all these themes are presented with a samba cadence.  

The music director for the entire show is Jorge Cardoso, the scene director is Milton Cunha and the art director is Carlinhos de Jesus. The cast has seventy Escolas de Samba do Grupo Especial dancers and ‘sambistas’. The natural Brazilian beauty is depicted in Samba songs. Popular musical notes from Chico Buarque, Jorge Ben Jor, Ary Barroso, Tom Jobim, Forcas da Natureza can be heard. Members and contestants in workshops of Samba schools handcraft the required settings and costumes. The Federal Law of Rouanet, which is the end result of a combined labor between city hall at Rio and LIESA, offers apt encouragement for preserving cultural heritage.

Schedule of Forcas da Natureza

The venue for the show is Rua Rivadavia Correa 60, Gamboa, Rio de Janeiro. Counters usually issue tickets till 7 pm. It is highly recommended to book your tickets in advance to avoid last minute delays. There are entrance fees, which are inclusive of a ‘city of Samba’ souvenir and a buffet dinner.


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