Exciting Technical Rehearsals Await You

The Technical Rehearsals Are The Best Way To Master The Samba Song, Socialize And Try Some Outfits

If you are excited about the fun associated with the Rio Carnival of 2019, be sure to witness technical rehearsals held at the Sambadrome. Usually, all the Samba schools prepare for the parade much in advance. For the grand finale, Samba schools rehearse over and over again with ample sound and light, right from December to February. This gives you plenty of opportunity to get a sneak preview of the actual theme proposed for the school parades.

The Techinical rehearsals

Sambadrome held Technical Rehearsals

The Technical Rehearsals are free. During technical rehearsals, expect to try on colorful outfits and socialize with ardent supporters. There’s no better time to master samba music and songs other than at the practice sessions and carnival rehearsals.

The Technical rehearsals are an option to change unsatisfactory performances while different school departments busy themselves with required floats and costumes. The technical rehearsals are a dummy run without the actual floats and costumes, yet, you get to witness the best grooves and dance steps seen in the country.

For the Rio Carnival 2019, the rehearsals will commence from December with rehearsal timings from evening 7pm to 12 midnight.

Rio Carnival 2019

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