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Yes, the famous Rio Scala Carnaval Balls.

Big parties happen at the Rio Scala. With a reputation made in almost 30 years of carnival balls, the Rio Scala night-club offers thematic balls every night. From Thursday night - February 23th, 2017 - when Cordao do Bola Preto and Dominguinhos open the series through Tuesday night with the most famous of them all - the Gala Gay. The venue, now located in Downtown Rio, offers 6 big parties for those looking to experience the carnival have a blast without expending a fortune.

Venue: Rua 13 de Maio, 23, Downtown Rio de Janeiro (to be confirmed)
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The Scala Rio Has a New Address

There are three types of tickets:

VIP Box Seats: Priced per person, include unlimited sodas, mineral water, beer and caipirinha. It also includes a buffet with fruits, sushi, pasta and fried snacks. People with the VIP BOX SEAT receive a wrist band with access to the mezzaninne where the buffet and the open bar are located.

If you are in Copacabana or Ipanema, take the subway to Cinelandia station. From Cinelandia, walk 2 blocks to the New Scala Rio Address at Rua 13 de Maio, 23, Centro, Rio de Janeiro.
All Balls start at 10 PM but we advice you to get there after 11 PM.

TABLES: Are good for 4 people but include no food or drinks. If you are going with a group and want to be in the middle of the action, reserve a table.

STANDING: you can get an individual standing ticket. These are cheaper and give you acces to all the places, except the mezzanine where the buffet and the open-bar are located.

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Learn about the Rio Scala Balls

Friday, February 24th
Cordao do Bola Preta Ball
Scala Beer Ball
This is the first year for the famous Bola Preta to be part of the RIo Scala series of balls. Known for having the best bohemian songs, Bola Preta promisses to stay forever at the Scala agenda. Famous sambistas Joao Roberto Kelly, Luiz Camillo and Dominguinhos are set to participate and play at this memorable night.

Saturday, February 25th
Mangueira Ball

Mangueira Ball offersits goers a great opportunity to live a real samba experience. It's animated by one of the most traditional samba schools of Rio - Estacao Primeira de Mangueira - with all its drummers, dancers, the school flag bearer and her escort.

Scala Gay Ball

Sunday, February 26th
City Ball

The City Ball is dedicated and honors the city of Rio de Janeiro and its wonders. Realocated to Sunday since 2010. the ball attracts lots of " cariocas" .

Monday, February 27th Ball of the ´Beer´
This is also a new born in the series and a special event for those who love beer and carnival. Unlimited free beer all night, live carnival music and a famous Rio MC will take turns on the stage.

Tuesday, February 28th until 7:00 am
Gay Costume Ball

The Gay Costume Ball is an institution, and the most famous of all balls. Broadcasted
live to theentirecountry, the Gala Gay closes Carnival with a runway entrance where drag queens and their admirers show off their costume stravaganzza.Residents line up outside the venue to see and aplaude the famous faces. It's the most straight of the gay balls and attracts a huge crowd - gay or straight.

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Rio Scala Wisdom
Rio Scala Balls are affordable and fun. The Gala Gay Ball is almost an institution. Go for it if you still have the energy.

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