Carnival Parades

Discover How The Carnival Parade Order Is Decided.

The parading order is decided by a raffle organized by LIESA, the organizers of the Carnival parades. The order of Carnival parades for the 2019 Rio Carnival was finalized in July at a ceremony attended by the organizers, samba school representatives, and the press at Samba City. The Children’s Parade will take place on Carnival Friday, 01st March 2019. The Access Group will perform on Carnival Friday and Saturday, March 01st and 02nd, 2019.

Renascer de Jacarepagua Samba School - Rio de Janeiro Carnival Parade.

According to LIESA regulations, the winner of the Access Group on the previous year will open the Special Group Carnival parade on Sunday, March 03nd, 2019 followed by six other schools in the Special Group.

The Carnival parade order is designed in order to maintain a balance between participants on both days of the Special Group competition.

Rio Carnival 2019

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