The Special Group Samba Parade

The Special Group Is Formed By The 12 Best Samba Schools And Their Parade Is The One That Everybody Is Waiting For.

One of the most extravagant performances that have made the Rio Carnival so popular is the Samba Parade by the Special Group. Choreographers and designers from each of the 12 samba schools set the stage for their school's performance in an effort to win the coveted championship title, which also brings fame and fortune to the champion.

The Rio Carnival Samba Parade Special Group

Warming up before the parade

In Rio, things are never done in half measure, and you can expect the same when it comes to the Samba Parade. Before the parade, samba schools gather just outside the Sambadrome with their drummers, dancers, and thousands of participants in an area known as Concentration or "Concentracão. The drummers and gyrating samba dancers in curve-hugging and elaborate costumes and stilettos practice their steps for one last time before their final showdown. The atmosphere is electric even though each team only has 10 minutes to warm up.

The 2019 Special Group

The participants for the 2019 special group Samba parade on the order of their appearance at the Rio Sambodromo.

Special Group Parade - The parade of the parades.
February 03nd and 04th
Acadêmicos do Sossego Unidos do Porto da Pedra
Alegria da Zona Sul Império da Tijuca
Estacio de Sá Inocentes de Belford Roxo
Unidos de Bangu Renascer de Jacarepagua
Unidos de Padre Miguel Acadêmicos da Rocinha
Unidos do Viradouro Acadêmicos de Santa Cruz
Acadêmicos do Cubango

LIESA Regulations and Rankings

The samba schools are well organized and governed by the Independent League of Samba Schools of Rio de Janeiro or LIESA that organizes the annual parade at the Sambadrome. According to LIESA regulations, the winner of the previous year's Access Group title opens the Special Group parade on Carnival Sunday, while the group with the second lowest points is the first to perform on Carnival Monday. Each samba school is required to perform for at least 65 minutes, with a maximum time limit of 75 minutes. Points are deducted from schools that exceed the time limit or perform for less than 65 minutes. There is a limit to the amount of participants in a samba school in each discipline. The Front Commission can have a minimum of 10 and maximum of 15 performers. At least 100 drummers must represent a school or else half a point is deducted. Details of the rules and regulations are available in the official Carnival Regulation book.

Special Group parade tickets

Special Group Parade tickets are the most sought after and sell out well in advance. Blame it on the stadium being much too small for such a big event or on anything else, but the fact remains that tickets sell like hot cakes. The demand for tickets far outweighs the supply even though you have a choice of seating arrangements at the Sambadrome for the Special Group parade. The Grandstands or bleachers have free seating which is less expensive than assigned seats.

If you are in a group, an affordable alternative is a Frisa or Open Box. The Frisas have 6 seats and are arranged in four rows marked A to D. The luxury suites, are air-conditioned and the most expensivetype of ticket to sambadrome, but also with the best of services including an open bar, buffet, attendant, and private security. Most celebrities flock to this section of the Sambadrome. The Open Boxes and Luxury Suites are available in Sectors 2 to 13.

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