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There Are 4 Kinds Of Carnival Tickets And 13 Sectors To Choose. Get Info About Ticket Options.

As expected, tickets to the Sambadrome are a hot property that everyone seeks to book as early as possible. Original tickets are only issued a week before the Carnival in order to avoid misappropriation and duplication. The stadium was designed to present spectators with the best possible view of the entire strip, in comfortable surroundings. The Sambadrome is divided into sectors with individual numbered seats or bleachers with open seating. It is advisable to be acquainted with the schedule, location, and seating arrangements before you book your samba parade tickets.

Rio de Janeiro Sambodromo Tickets.

The Rio Sambodrome Sectors and Carnival Tickets

Tickets for Carnival Sunday and Monday are the most sought after and sell out months before the carnival. The 2019 Rio Carnival promises to be more exciting as the previous one. You have a host of options when it comes to Samba Parade tickets. This includes arquibancada or grandstand, camarotes or luxury suites, open boxes or frisas, and cadeiras avulses or allocated chairs. No matter where you sit, you can be sure to have an amazing time at the Sambadrome.


Grandstand seats are the most affordable and popular types of carnival tickets that offer a bird's eye view of the parade. The grandstands have free seating available on a first come first serve basis. There are no chairs in the grandstands and it is wise to reach the Sambadrome early if you want a prime spot in the stand. Grandstand tickets are available for all Sectors. Sector 9 is the only grandstand sector with allocated seating where most tickets are sold to tourists.

Grandstands of The Sambadrome


Luxury Suites or Camarotes

The best seats at the Sambadrome are undoubtedly the luxury suites or Camarotes. You will find celebrities, politicians, and royalty enjoying the parade from these boxes. Camarotes are ideal for larger groups of 24 or more. The price includes a buffet dinner, plenty of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and a waiter in attendance. Private security is also available at the sector. Luxury comes at a price; however, the camarotes offer great value for money especially at the biggest party on the planet.

Luxury Suites of The Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro.


Frisas or Open Boxes

The open boxes or Frisas offer the same privacy as camarotes except for the VIP services. Many experts recommend the frisas as an affordable alternative with the best views of the samba runway. Frisas are available in all Sectors, with a seating capacity of 6 in each box . For a lesser price, you can enjoy the best of the carnival and feel the pulsating beats of the drummers get you into the groove. The good thing is you don't need to book the entire box for 6, since single tickets can be purchased. Boxes are arranged in four rows from A to D, with A and B being the closest to the runway.

Frisas, Open Boxes or Front Boxes of the Sambodromo in Rio.


Allocated Chairs or Cadeiras Avulsas

The cadeiras or allocated chairs are located in front of the grandstands in Sectors 12 and 13. Chairs are well laid out on sloping steps that allow unrestricted views of the runway. Tickets are moderately priced while you also have the privilege of moving around while your seat is taken care of. Get your Allocated Chairs Tickets.

Allocated Chair or Cadeiras Avulsas of Sambodromo.

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