Sambodromo, Where the Carnival Take Place

Sambodromo or Sambadrome Is Home of the Samba Parades of Rio Carnival.

The Brazilians are proud of their culture, which comes to the forefront during the Carnival, a time of festivity before the period of Lent. At the center of celebrations is the Professor Darcy Ribeiro Sambadromo, home to the biggest spectacle on Earth, the Rio Carnival.

Welcome to the Sambadromo

The gigantic stadium designed by Oscar Niemeyer turns into the biggest party venue in the world for five nights during the Carnival. The stadium was just a regular city street where parades took place until the concrete structures were built on either side of Marques de Sapucai Street. The 700-meter runway is lined with bleachers and luxury boxes on either side. On competition nights, the Sambadromo comes to life when samba schools make their way down the runway, singing and dancing to the thunderous rhythms of the bateria or ‘drummers corps’. By the time they reach the end of the runway at Apotheosis Square the participants are exhausted but hopeful of having done enough to grab the attention of the judges and perhaps win the championship title. Thronging the Sambadromo are 80,000 spectators that come to support their favorite samba school or simply soak in the spirit of the Carnival. The stadium has been renovated in time for the 2012 Carnival with additional seating and facilities for the convenience of spectators.

And How is the Sambodromo going to look like?

Compare the two images below by dragging the orange bar. The image on your left corresponds to the old sambodromo area seen from the air. The one on the right reflects the New Sambodromo, with the new sectors built for the 2012 Carnival.

Choosing the best seats at the Sambadromo

The Sambadromo has been designed with the spectator in mind. There are four types of seating arrangements. Many sectors have grandstand or bleachers with free seating, which are among the most inexpensive tickets on all nights of the Carnival. Sectors 3, 5, and 7 are among the best grandstand seats with excellent views of the runway. If you wish reserve a grandstand seat then Sector 9, where tickets are sold mainly to tourists, is the only sector with reserved seats. Alternatively, you could opt for the cadeiras or allocated chairs in Sectors 12 and 13, which is the next affordable option. The open boxes or frisas close to the runway in each sector are the perfect choice if you want to be up close to the participants in the parade. The luxury suites or camarotes are the choice of many celebrities and well-known personalities from around the globe. Tickets to the camarotes include a buffet, unlimited alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages, and a waiter in attendance as well.

Getting to the Sambadromo / what to carry

Almost every road leads to the Sambadromo on Carnival nights. You have a choice of radio taxi services, the subway (which is the most convenient way to reach the stadium), chartered buses, and shuttle services that operate between most hotels along the beachfront and the stadium. Professional English speaking guides are also available along the route. Due to security reasons, ticket holders are only allowed to carry only two plastic 500 ml bottles and food items. However, there are plenty of food kiosks at every sector at the Sambadromo. After all the singing and dancing along with the cariocas, you will definitely want to reenergize yourself. Just make sure you book your tickets as early as possible even if it is for the Winner’s Parade on the 09th of March 2019. The Carnival may come to an end on that day but the cariocas will continue to party once Easter dawns on the marvelous city again.

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