Helicopter Tours

Helicopter Tour Is A Great Way To Discover Rio de Janeiro, The Marvelous City.

There are many cities by the sea but none can integrate as well as Rio does. Rio is one place that is vibrant, colorful, and diverse, no matter how you wish to experience it. One great way to take in as much of the city and its magnificent surroundings is by air. Helicopter tours offer you the soak in some spectacular views of the lush rainforest, the sparkling blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Guanabara Bay, the charming Rodrigo de Freitas Lake, and the imposing statue of Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado Mountain.

Helicopter Tours

A choice of helicopter tours

There are a host of helicopter tours to choose from, lasting from 6 minutes to an hour. Many of the helipads are strategically located in places like Dona Marta, close to the Christ the Redeemer statue, Morro da Urca facing Sugar Loaf, and Pier Maua or Port Maua, where cruise ships stop over. Helicopter tours are an awesome way to marvel the majesty of the Tijuca Forest and its surroundings. Some tours include a trip from Sugar Loaf to Guanabara Bay, Corcovado Mountain for a close up of the statue of Christ the Redeemer, and Copacabana, before returning to base at Sugar Loaf. Don't forget your camera to take back special memories of your vacation and the unique and peaceful coexistence of a cosmopolitan city with the rainforest. Several helicopter tours also offer you a bird's eye view of Rio's famous beaches in addition to the opportunity to observe the painstaking workmanship of the Christ the Redeemer statue itself. Many tours include the Imperial Palace, Rocinha favela, and Maracana Stadium as well. A 30-minute helicopter tour will offer you splendid views of downtown Rio, the Sambadrome, Maracana Stadium, Corcovado Mountain, the Barra Lagoons, Rio's famous motor racing track, and Sugar Loaf.

Flying back in time

For the experience of a lifetime you can opt for a one hour tour of that takes you over the forts and beaches of Niteroi, the Contemporary Art Museum, downtown Rio and the Sambadrome, Corcovado Mountain, Tijuca Forest, the lagoons, the beaches of Copacabana and Sao Conrado, and Sugar Loaf. Rates for each helicopter tour vary according to the distance. You can enjoy the flexibility of departure times based on the type of tour you opt for. The price for most helicopter tours includes round trip transfers to your hotel.

Romancing the skies

Helicopter tours of Rio are operated with modern fleets that meet the highest international standards. The staff is well trained in safety and emergency procedures, so that you can sit back and relax during your flight, knowing you are in safe hands. Most tours require a minimum of two passengers. Then again, a helicopter tour can be a romantic journey either way. You could fall in love with your partner next to you all over again or with Rio itself. Either way, an aerial view of Rio is an experience you would never forget in your lifetime. Just make sure you book your tour early.

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